Top 8 Uses of OTG Cable that probably you don’t know

Hello guys , Today in this post i am going to share some cool trick which you can do with your USB OTG cable .

As we know USB OTG or USB on- the- go  cable is very beneficial for us and provides the  most convenient way to attach usb  drive with your android phone. But do you know you can do lot more amazing things with usb otg cable . Read this post till end and learn some awesome tricks.



1. Charge one Android phone with another

Requirements :

  • Otg cable
  • Two android phones ( smartphone which is currently having high battery becomes host and anther one acts as a secondary device )
  • USB cord

Yes, you can able to charge your one android phone  with another through otg cable . The process is really very simple , you just need to plug the otg cable into the host device and after that connects regular usb cord with otg cable  and finally attached this usb cord with your another android phone. so , through this way you can easily recharge you android phone .



2. connect  External Hard Drive to you device

You can easily connect your external hard drive with you android phone using an otg cable .you just need to connect the otg cable with you mobile and after that connect external hard drive to otg through usb cord . So , through this way you can easily transfer  file from phone storage to external device.

connect-external-hard drive-with-otg


3. connect USB mouse or Keyboard

sometimes , we have to type long messages while chatting  thus in that case  connect your keyboard , mouse with your smartphone using otg cable , this trick helps you a lot in increasing typing speed.




4. Connect  a Game controller

If you are an android game lover and loves to play racing , fighting games then this trick is for you , connect  game controller with your phone through otg cable  , and enjoy playing all those games in   that supports gamepad.

connect-game controller-using-otg


5. Connect your camera with Smartphone

Now you can easily connect your camera or DSLR with your smartphone by using otg cable , in case of DSLR you need to install an app called DSLR dashboard and then after that you can easily control or access all your photos  with your phone .



6. Connect USB Light with Android device

Yes , you can connect USB based lamp with you android device and this will become handy when you don’t have electricity or you can use it as a torch and that’s flashlight is more stronger then your smartphone flashlight.



7. Connect LAN cable to your Android device

This trick is for those who don’t have wifi but having broadband connection , you just need to buy LAN to USB controller and after that you can easily connect your android device with lan cable through OTG.




8. connect usb datacard with android device.

  1. first you have to download PPP 2 widget app from playstore.
  2. Then connect your smartphone with usbdatacard through otg cable .
  3. After that you have to configure your sim setting such as Access Point Name , User name etc .
  4. Then click on connect option under PPP 2 Widget app .
  5. congrats , now enjoy internet service on your phone.




These tricks  only works when your andriod device supports USB otg cable .


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