Bitly URL shortener : Facts You Definitely wants to know

Now , a days most of the people generally knows about the url shortener and how they works  but if you don’t know how to shorten url then you are at the right place because today i am  going to cover everything you need to know about ” Bitly shortener service ” .

Do you know this service not only helps you in shortening your long  url but also gives you an opportunity to enhance your online business by offering several useful features for their premium account users .

So , read this post till end and know more about bitly features and its advantages over other url shortener .

what is the use of link shortener ?

Nobody wants to see a long  url , because it spoils the whole user experience that’s why there is a need to use link shortener services , which helps in converting long link into a smaller one.

It not only enhance the user experience but also took less space in comparison with original link .

Most of you already  knows that Twitter only gives 140 character limit , thus if we want to tweet anything we must restrict it under 140 character  , in that types of situation link shortening services are very useful for us .






About Bitly URL shortener

Bitly not only provides  shrink  url features , but also helps in monitoring your business by giving detailed information about total clicks .  It is very simple to use and provides both free and paid services( for business prospective ).

How to use Bitly link  shortener

Important :  No need to signup if you only want to shrink url , but in case you want to track total number of clicks then there is  need to create or signup a new account

  1. Go to
  2. Paste  long url in the field and click on ” shorten “.
  3. Congrats , now you can able to see your shortened url.
  4. You can also track your clicks status and top performing bitlinks in main Bitly shorten url page .






Advantages of using  Bitly


  • Helps in Email Marketing

If you  have  a  blog or  website  then you probably know about the importance of email marketing , now a days it is one of the best way to  to engage more and more people towards your business

But sometimes we use long url in e-mail which looks bad and unproffessional , so by using bitly shrink url service you can easily share short link with your subscribers and also able to track referring channels, location,total clicks.

Example of url shortening in email.





  • Useful on social media platform


If we took an example of twitter then it allows only 140 character limit , so in that situation shrink url services are very beneficial for you , because by using this you can easily convey your message to audience without wasting your character  limit.


  • Useful for Business purpose

Bitly also offers premium enterprise services  for their users which includes several features in it such as link branding , mobile deep linking,detailed audience analytic and increase rate limits.


  • Use your custom domain

If you are a premium  Bitly enterprise user then you can create your own branded short url  , which helps  in branding your business that’s why it is one of the most valuable social media tool.


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