Internet Download Manager Review : Does it really boost up the downloading speed upto 5 times ??

Today in this post i am going to give you a full review of internet download manager  . So read this post till end to know various facts and truth about idm which includes pros and cons , features , serial key related issue, downloading speed and many more .

Note : Please download latest version of free internet download manager only  from official site, which i have linked below .


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What is Internet Download Manager ?

IDM is a download accelerator tool or software which is used to increase download speed upto 5 times . It  supports  many features such as resume and schedule download . Sometimes due to network failure ,lost connections downloading files get broken or interupted in middle thus in that case idm has capability to restart the download from failure point , only and only if downloading link has resuming capability “yes”.




Internet Download Manager Advantages and Disadvantages:


Advantages :

  1. Extremely small 5 mb download size .
  2. It supports resume and schedule download features.
  3. All popular browser and windows version are supported (  windows 7 ,windows 8 , windows 8.1 , windows 10 ).
  4. Quick  installation.
  5. Increase downloading speed upto 5 times .
  6. It supports drag and drop features which means you can simply add external download links to idm .
  7. Supports different types of proxy server such as FTP and Microsoft ISA.
  8. Includes limit download speed features.

Disadvantages :

  1. Trial version period is valid only for 30 days , after that you have to pay few dollars to get  get full version .


Pricing :

IDM provides free trial version for 30 days , but when it gets over you must regiser to get full featured  version.

$11.95One Year License for 1 pc
$24.95 Lifetime License For 1 PC
$9.95 For Each pc One Year License For 2 and More PC
$19.95 For Each pc Lifetime license for 2 and more PC


Downloading speed test between Internet Download Manager and other Browsers :


Idm always claims that it increases downloading speed upto  5 times as compared to other browser . Does it really true ?

finally , we  check the truth and surprisingly results are awesome .

Yes internet download manager almost boost up the downloading  speed upto 5x as compared to other browser .

After downloading same file (   size 23 mb )  from two different downloader google chrome and idm , by using same internet service , we see a real difference between downloading speed , idm downloading speed varies in between 1 -1.5 MB/s whereas google chrome downloading  speed varies in between 200 -300 KB/s . we never imagine this sort of huge difference , you can also see the below screenshoot for proof .










  How to use IDM

  1. Click here to download the free  idm trial version
  2. Next step is to install the software .
  3. Congrats , now you are ready to download your  file
  4. Internet Download Manager supports advanced browser integration features , thus it automatically gives you an option to download files .

My thoughts on Download Manager and Serial key  issue

It’s obvious , I love  internet download manager and very satisfied with it’s service  , because it not only boost up the downloading  speed but also provides various other in -built awesome features such as add url , resume , scheduler , start queue and many others .

Various different websites also provide keygen , crack and serial key to activate this tool but i always recommend you to buy full version of the internet download manager by  official website , because sometimes these third -party  keygen perform malicious activity in your computer and makes your data unsafe.


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