Top 17 Best Bug Bounty Program to earn huge amount of money

what is bug bounty program ?

Most of the reputed websites and software companies offers Bug -bounty program for all the individual researchers and bug-crackers , and if you  found any security issue then you get huge amount money as a prize or reward .



  1. Google vulnerability program : $ 100 – $20,000

Here is the good news for all the security researchers and bug – crackers , if you found any bug in Google products then you can take part in Google Bounty program and claim for your prize .You just need to report newly discovered  vulnerability with their team without disclosing it publicly  and wait for atleast 24 -72 hours for getting  their response  . Reward amount ranges from $100 to $ 20,000 USD .

List of google products , qualify  under this program

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Blogger
  • Bugs associated with google developed apps and extension which are available on google play , itunes and chrome web store.
  • Hardware Devices : On hub and Nest

click here to read full information about android reward program

click here to read full information about  chrome reward program



                            2.   Yahoo Bug Bounty Program : $ 50 – $15000 USD

search engine giant yahoo also organizes bug reward program for bug-crackers and security  researchers . Qualifying bugs and security issues will be rewarded in between $ 50 – $ 15000 . you just  need to reveal critical flaws related to yahoo domain and its properties in front of their team and after verification process you got prize money .


3. Microsoft Bounty Program : $100 – $ 15,000

Microsoft designed bug reward program to encourage all the security researchers and white-hat group to discover the major flaws and vulnerability in microsoft’s product . You can won upto $15,000 USD . You need to follow all the rules and regulation in order to claim your prize .

for submitting  potential security issues go to


4. Facebook Bug bounty program  : minimum $ 500, no maximum limit .

As we know , facebook is one of  the biggest social networking website and thus for encouraging researchers and other bug – crackers facebook introduces facebook white hat program . facebook bug bounty program is launched in 2011 and paid over $ 5 million in last 6 years to their researchers for participating and disclosing serious security level threats . The rewards are issued as per the severity of the detected vulnerability.



5.     Intel Bug Bounty : earn upto $ 30,000 USD

According to wikipedia ” Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker based on revenue ” and thus for ensuring the security of their customers intel recently lanched its vulnerability program on march 15 , 2017 . So if you found any security issues or major threats related to intel products then you have a golden opportunity to earn  quick bucks .  You can earn upto $ 30,000 USD

Note : Mcafee products are not qualify for intel bounty program


          6.  paytm security  reward program : Minimum Bounty 1000 rs with no upperbound limit

Paytm is the India’s  leading online digital  e-wallet service , and in order to maintain secure environment for their users , paytm invites security groups and individual researches for taking part in paytm bug bounty program . So if you have found any  critical security issues , you can submit it on their official email id without disclosing it to others.


7. Snapchat Bug Reward Program : $ 250 -$ 1500 USD

snapchat also offers bug bounty competition for all the ethical hackers and individual researchers . You just need to report a severe bug and submit it to their secuity team . After submission snapchat’s security team reviews it within 30 days and if your security issue is under eligibility scope you get rewarded in between $250 to $ 1500 as per the severity of the detected vulnerability .


8.  Telegram vulnerability program : $ 20,000 USD

As we know , Telegram is a simple ,fast and free messaging app through which we can  able to send message, photo,video ,file to any other friend  .  But do you know telegram offers $20,000  to the hacker who can break telegram , yes you heard it right and if you have the potential to crack telegram encrypted protocol  , then it’s time to claim your prize .


9.  Twitter Bug Bounty : Minimum $140 rewarded

Do you know Twitter also runs Bug – Bounty program ,for ensuring the security of their users , so if you report any vulnerability then submit it to their security team  . Twitter minimum reward is $140 and there is no  maximum limit.


10. Avira antivirus security bounty program : $100 -$ 2500

we all experienced a high quality role of avira in field of system security and antivirus software , but I bet you didn’t know that Avira provides you a license to hunt  bugs in there software . So if you are an individual researchers or white hat hacker then its time to disclose potential security issues in front of their security team and you get rewarded in between $100 -$2500 per bug

Avira also appreciate their researchers who made significant contribution by displaying their name on Avira’s hall of fame.


11.  Paypal Hunt -Bug Program  : $50 – $ 10,000

paypal is the trusted name in field of online payment service , in order to improve their  security level they annouced paypal bug bounty program for all the security researchers and proffessional . The  bounty reward is ranges in between $50 -$10,000 as per the severity of the detected issues. successfull bug reporters will be listed under paypal’s wall of fame .



12. UBER Bounty program : $ 500- $10, 000

Uber is not a new name for us , they offers cheap  cab services in many countries , but do you know that uber also announced  bug- hunt  program for securing the user data , yes you heard it right ,now if you found any potential security issues which leaked the user data then you have the chance to get  bounty in between $500 – $10000 USD



13.   Mobikwik vulnerability program : minimum rs 1000 with no upper bound limit 

Mobikwik is the leading and most famous online e-wallet payment service in India . They also launch the Mobikwik’s bug bounty program to honour all security researchers and bug hunters . You just need to report an in – scope vulnerability and after that your request is reviewed by their team . The minimum rewrad is rs 1000 with no maximum  limit .

click here to read guidelines, scope and eligibility criteria 


14.     Udemy bounty program : $50 – $300

If you are a student or learner then you don’t need any introduction about . It is one of the biggest and reputed world’s online learning marketplace which provides different courses in various fields including business,development,it and software , design,photography and many more.

But do you know , you can able to earn huge amount of money by hunting bug in udemy services . udemy bug reward is ranges in between $50-$300 . Any security issue or bug is must be original and previously not reported in order to  satisfy all the rules and regulation .



15 .OLA Bug -Hunt program : minimum 1000 rs 

OLA is one of the biggest online transportation service in India , thus for ensuring the security standards and in order to create most safe and secure app , ola launches it bug bounty program .So if you found any security vulnerability in ola software you just need to report that issue by going to this link

Minimum bounty is rs 1000 and there is  no maximum limit.



16.   wordpress plugin bug bounty program : $ 125 –  $250

if you are a website owner or developer then you must know about wordpress platform , they also offers security  bug bounty program for wordpress plugins  , so if you found any loophole in latest version of wordpress plugins then you can report it to their security team and if your discovered vulnerability is confirmed , then you will be rewarded in between $ 125- $ 250 .

Note : prize money is paid via paypal.



17.    Github bug bounty program : $200 – $10,000

Github is the world’s leading software development platform and also  offers bug-hunt program for bug crackers and researchers .  200 $  is rewarded for minor bugs and maximum $ 10,000 is rewarded for critical flaws. Don’t disclose any information with others until github solve the issue.

Note : prize money is paid via paypal.



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