Top 5 reasons why Quora is so much popular in India than in other countries

Most of you already know about , it is one of the best question -and -answer website available over the internet , but do you know quora is one of the most popular website in india ,having  global alexa rank # 116 and india ranked #23 ( on may 2017 )

But why it’s not gaining so much popularity in other different  well developed countries such as UK , Canada ,Germany where internet connectivity and popularity is so  much higher in comparison with India . So today we are going to  reveal the truth behind quora’s popularity in india .

According to alexa almost 19.4% visitors came  from India which is second most highest figure after USA having 34.8%.

And now i ‘m  going to represent quantitative data in front of you  , I bet after seeing that you get  totally surprised.





By above screenshot , you clearly depict that only USA and India is giving highest contribution in increasing quora’s traffic as compared to other develop countries such as UK ( 5.6%  visitors traffic), Canada (3.2 %) and Germany (2.4%) .


Reasons behind Quora’s popularity  in India


1. Quora only supports English as a language  :

After reading this point ,  most of you might think that in India “Hindi” is the national language then how quora is getting such huge traffic from India if it doesn’t support it ,then don’t worry here i am going to reveal all  the truth .

According to wikipedia India is the second largest English speaking country approximately (125,344,736) people understand and speak English , that’s why it is the most important reason behind popularity of this awesome question -and -answer website.

if we talk about other developed countries such as UK, Germany and Canada  then we clearly see the huge difference between eligible english speaking population .

click here for reading list of coutries by english speaking population 







  2.   India has the world’s largest youth population

As , we know internet is very popular among youth  and according to census data 2011 nearly , 41 % of the india’s population is below the age of 20 and almost 50% population is in the age group of 20-59 years. That’s why it is one of the biggest reason behind quora’s popularity in india  .


3. Availability of both website and  app ( android & ios)

quora already introduced android and ios application , through which indian users join easily without facing any difficulty , it also  providing more instant and enhanced experience . so now there is no need to open quora’s website again and again, you just need to download their official app .


4. Indians are much more expressive and curious.

Most of the studies proves that indian people are much more curious and expressive , they always wanted to learn new and interesting things and for this quora is one of the best learning  platform where they  can  express their thoughts by answering questions  . One of the biggest advantages of quora is it’s diversity , here you can find answers on  different topics such as education, entertainment,science,sports finance and many others.


5.  Tech related queries and answers ( fastest Growing Tech Hub )

It is one of the biggest reason why indian people join quora , because due to rapid growth in IT industry most of the indian users search for the tech related answers and for this quora is the best platform where they easily get most relevant answers related to their topics.


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