7 Amazing Google Assistant Trick You Must know

7 Amazing Google Assistant Tricks you must know

Most of you already know about “Google Assistant” (a virtual personal assistant ) and its benefits . It is very much similar to ” SIRI “( available for ios devices ) and  officially available  for some premium android phones such as Google pixel and Pixel XL .

Today i am going to share 7 amazing Google Assistant tricks which you definitely need to know , so without wasting the time ,let’s start.



1. Control Phone Settings

Now you can even use Google Assistant to control your  phone settings . In day to day life there are lot of android setting which we need to mangage on our smartphones ,for example Bluetooth , wifi , Data connection  , phone volume , Screen brightness etc .

But now you will control all these settings without touching your Android smartphone , all you need to do is just launch the Assistant and say some commands , that’s it .

for example :

  • If you want to turn on your wifi then simply launch assistant and say ” Turn on wifi ” and you immediately notice that your wifi is getting turned on .
  • Turn on bluetooth ” for opening bluetooth


2. Ease in Navigation

As we all know Google Map is one of the most popular app which is used for navigation , but now Google map is fullly integrated with the Google Assistant to make your navigation lot more easier .

for an example if you want to find out nearest hotels  to your location  then simply ask for ” Nearest Hotels ”  and you get immediate results regarding  your query, with the proper visualization of Google Map  .


  3. Daily Briefing

If you are one of those who want to get notified about latest news , weather report ,  calendar event, time  then assistant helps you in making your life easier   .

The task is very simple you just need to launch assistant and say ” Good Morning ” , now wait for few seconds after that it  start speaking all the information  . It also gives various different news-source options such as fox news , Bloomberg ,Espn sports center ,BBC minute .



4. Currency conversion

Google Assistant helps you to  check real-time currency exchange rate . Suppose you want to know the price of 1$ or 1 bitcoin   then you have to just launch assistant and  ask ”  1 dollar price in Rs  ” and you immediately get answers .

It also helps you to convert one conversion into another for example “ 89 rs is equal to how many dollars “.



5. Control Music

If you are one of those who loves listening music  , then this features is really beneficial for you .

Do you know now you can use google assistant to find and play music without touching your android smartphone .

for an example if you search for any specific song or an artist then your request is fullfilled with the help of youtube  and google play music app . It also supports some third-party apps such as pandora and Spotify .




6. Perform calculation

Here is another handy feature for students , now there is no need to use calculator for performing  lenghty calculation , you have to simply ask question to Google Assistant and it gives you an instant result .

for example ” what is 250*86 +76


7. Translate one language into another

In Google Assistant you can do real – time translation of phrases , words or sentence from  english to any other language .

So now there is no need to worry while travelling  to foreign countries  . For an example you have to just  simply launch the Google Assistant and say ” How are you in spanish ” , now assistant both write  and speak out the transation for you.




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