Top 3 ways To Convert Images into Text format (Step by Step guide )

 Convert Images into Editable Text

Do you really want to get rid from typing long and lengthy projects and assignment , then here is the solution for you .

Now you can easily convert images into editable text format by simply taking a snapshot with your smartphone or digital camera .

Today in this post i am going to share 3 different easy ways through which you can easily convert images file into text without using OCR software.

Let’s start


  1. computer or smartphone
  2. Reliable internet connection
  3. Images  must be clear and in JPEG , JPG or PNG format

Top 3 Methods To convert images into  text Format

Method 1:    By using Google drive

1. first on your computer, go to

2. Next step is to click on “New ” button,  located at the upper left corner of the webpage

3. Now click on ” file upload” option and upload the image file which you want to convert into editable text .


4. Once file will be uploaded , right-click on the file and open it with Google docs.


5. Now you notice that your image is converted into text , but top portion (little bit darker )  is exactly the copy of image file , so first delete it or cut it .


6. After completing above step  just click on “File ” >> Download as >> Microsoft word (.doc x)


7. finally , your image file is downloaded into editable Text format (.docx) , now just open it with the help of  Microsoft word


Method 2 : By using Google keep

Do you want to convert images into text by using your android smartphone or computer , then  google keep is the best tool for you .

The process is very simple , you have to just follow some basic steps and you can easily extract text from image .

1. first , click here to visit or  download app from playstore

2. Then login with gmail id

3. Now on home screen , you see ” new note with image ”  button , just click on it ( screenshot attached below)


4. After that , upload the image file which you want to convert into text

5. Once file is uploaded , click on three vertical dots located at the bottom of image and finally click on ” grab image text  ” .


6. So , now you will  see image file is converted into editable text and you can easily copy and paste it on notepad , word etc.



Method 3: By using Microsoft OneNote

If you are using recent version of Microsoft office (2007, 2010,2013 ) then you already got Microsoft One Note inside the package  which already consist OCR feature .

So there is no need to download any software , you can easily convert your images into editable text by using this awesome tool .

1. first you need to open Microsoft One Note on your computer .

2. now simply insert the image which you want to convert into editable text

3. After this , just right click on the image and select “copy text from picture“option.


4. Now your text is copied , and you can paste it on any editor such as word , notepad etc.


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