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Are you a newbie and looking for a “ways to earn money online” , then you are at the right place .

I already know you almost search entire web where you read about different money making methods such as youtube , blogging , freelancing etc . But not a single method works for you because these all requires consistency , patience and hardwork. 

But what to do if you want to earn some quick bucks ?

Well my friend link shortening service is the best  solution to this problem .

what is ?

In a simple words , is a free URL shortening website , which allows you to shrink long links into a shorter one .

In addition it is having an edge over some popular link shortening services such as and Bitly because it also gives you an option to earn some extra dollars by sharing shorten URL’s. earn money while sharing link

How it works ?

  1. first you need to create a new account  on
  2. Then shorten long links and share it on blogs and social media such as google+, facebook, whatsapp , etc  to boost your earning .
  3. when any visitor clicks on that link , an advertisement is display for 5 seconds and you earn money .

How to create account ?

  •  Next step is to verify email id by clicking on received verification link ( screenshot attached below) . email verification

  • Congrats, now you are ready to shrink long URL’s
  • Just copy and paste any link and press ” shorten ” button , now your unique link is ready . url shortener


Important :

Inorder to withdraw money , complete your “Profile “by filling some basic information such as first name , last name , withdrawl method , withdrawl email etc.

Top 5 reasons to Love ?

  1. No need to wait for approval  .
  2. Simple and interactive user interface .
  3. wide range of monetization
  4. High comission in comparison to other networks
  5. Low minimum payout (just $5 ) and availability of different payment methods such as paypal , payoneer and web money. url shortening service



  1. Gives you an option to monitor real -time statistics.
  2. Earn money through referral program.
  3. wide range of monetization including website script features.
  4. Availability of amazing tools for more better experience .


Several Methods to Boost Up your Earning :

                          1.  By sharing links on youtube channel :

As we all know , youtube is the most popular video -sharing website that’s why it is an ideal weapon to attract traffic on your link . The task  is very simple you have to just upload video and share link in description box . So through this way those visitor who are interested in your link clicked on it and you easily get credited for it .

                          2.    Sharing links on social media

Social media is one of the best way to increase revenue because it has the ability to  hit large number of audience in a quick span of time . Let us take an example , suppose you want to share my blog link , then first  you have to  short the URL and after that share shorten link  on different social media platform such as Twitter , facebook , Google + etc.


                          3.  Taking part in Referral program

You can also earn descent amount of money by taking part in referral program .  The task is very simple you have to just invite your friends, social followers, readers or visitors and when they signup from your link then you get 20% comission of their overall income.

For example :  suppose your friend earn $200 USD then you get $40 USD as a reward for inviting them  ( 20% comission ).

List of tools offered by 

  1.  Mass shrinker

Do you want to shorten multiple links in a single click , then this tool is really meaningful for you . Mass shrinker allows you to shrink upto 20 URl’s . It automatically adds shrink url into your account for further use .

  1. wordpress plugin

If you have a blog on wordress platform , then this plugin really makes your job easy and helps  to monetize your blog in much more smarter way  .

  1. Developers API

if you are a developer then here is a great news for you ,  prepared API ( Application Programming interface)  , which returns responses in JSON format and gives an extra edge over other url shorteners.

                  4.   Dlvr.It Integration

This tools helps you to monetize each of your shares by integrating url shortener with


How to monetize  blog or website with  ?

Most of you don’t know but now you can easily monetize your blog with the help of ” website script ” feature .  So why are you waiting , if your website gets enough traffic then its time to earn some money . It is very easy to implement and doesnot requires any programming technicalities , you can do it yourself .

It also gives you wide variety of  options such as entries, exits , popads to manage and monitor this awesome feature .

  1. first you need to click on “website script ” button.
  2. Then enter your domain name ( if you want to monetize multiple domains then you can separate their name with comma )
  3. Next step is to enable or disable multiple option such as entries, exits , popads according to you choice ( for example if your blog is having high bounce rate then enable exit option because in that case it is more profitable for you )
  4. Now click on ” Generate script ” button and immediately your script is displayed on your screen  .
  5. just copy the script  and paste it  above the  ” </head > ” tag in your blog or wordpress website.

watch this video for adding ad unit in your blog .




Payout Rate 

payout rates  varies from country to country , for an example USA is having highest rate ($14.04) per 1000 views while Mexico has only $1.10 .

But , remember if you get  more and more traffic from European countries then you earning is much more high as compared to others  .

click here for checking complete payout rate list 

Payment Methods currently supports paypal , payonner and web money as a payment methods  . Minimum thresold amount required for redemption is $5 USD .

Important : Atleast $20 required to withdraw money through payoneer


My Thoughts

According to me , it is an ideal way to earn few dollars because it does’t requires hard work and consistency . It is very simple and you get paid only by sharing shorten links. so why are you waiting , go and create an account on and boost your monthly earning .


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