Top 10 Website To See Live Cyber Attack Map ( Must Read )

first of all thanks to my readers for visiting my blog , Today i am going to share list of top 10 website which helps you to monitor live cyber attack map
Digital Attack Map
IBM x -force


  1.  Norse is one of the best platform to monitor live cyber attack , it is the world’s biggest threat detection network with over 8 millions sensors and 6000 applications. They maintained a huge database of more than 7 Petabyte detailed attack histories.

Norse live cyber attack map shows  various different infrmation such as attack origins , attack type , attack targets , live attacks  and ports . You can easily filter the map by using “Geo location ” and ” Protocol ” option  .

By Geolocation :

  • Global
  • South East Asia
  • West Asia
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • US and China

By Protocols

  • Telnet
  • XSN file system
  • SSH
  • NET-IS
  • Microsoft DS
  • Netbios DGM
  • RFB
  • SIP
  • HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer protocol )




2. kaspersky

kaspersky  is the well -known  name in the field of  “system  security ” , but do you know they also provide a free  service to  track  real time cyber attack , yes you read it right  .

kaspersky gives  you an option to  monitor the live  malicious activities detected by their  intelligence data sources .

Important : Under ” statistics ” option you can easily able to view real-time vulnerability detection graph

Some of their Data Sources are :

  • On -Access Scan
  • On-Demand Scan
  • Mail-Anti virus
  • web-anti virus
  • Intrusion Detection system
  • vulnerability scan
  • kaspersky anti-scam
  • Botnet Activity Detection



3. Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map is totally different from other mentioned websites , because it only display global DDoS attack  it also gives you an option to monitor internal attacks  and malicious activities between two different countries . You can easily filter the map with multiple option.

By Attack Size

  • Large
  • Unusual
  • Combined


By  Attack Type

  • TCP connection
  • volumetric
  • fragmentation
  • Application

By source port

  • chargen
  • DNS reflection
  • Misc reflecion
  • other

By duration

  • weeks
  • Hours
  • minutes

By Destination port

  • web
  • dns
  • other


DDoS is  defined as ” Distributed Deniel of service ” , this attack is mainly used to brought down the online services  such that user cannot able to access the important information .

Interseting facts about DDoS

  • More than 2000 +  DDoS daily attacks are observed by arbor network
  • 1/3 of all downtime incidents are due to DDoS




4.FireEye is another great website to see live cyber attack , it is not as detailed  compared to other website but still gives you a good option to monitor the malicious activities .

firewire  threat map gives you a information about  live cyber attack with following data

  • Top 5 reported countries ( last 30 days )
  • Top attackers by countries



5. Threat cloud

Threat cloud is another valuable website in the list , it only  shows the cyber attack data for today and yesterday . Here , attackers are marked with ” yellow” dot and target countries  with “red ”

you can easily see various detailed information which may be beneficial for you :

  • Top target countries
  • Top attacking countries
  • Type of ttack
  • Time



6.Threat Matrix 

Threatmatrix is totally different from other listed website , it is used to monitor live  fraud activities such as payment fraud and identifying spoofing  activities .

If you are a blogger or website owner then they also give you an option to add threatmatrix cyber crime map to your website .



7. Sicherhietstacho is powered by Deutsche Telecom , it reports approximately 450,000 attacks per day on its honeypot system , this website is used to show the origin of cyber attacks recorded by more than 180 sensors .

in statistics section  , you can also able to see graphical representation of ” Total  attacks per month ” .




8. Akamai

Real time web monitor by  “Akamai  ” shows the regions with slowest web connection and   “web attack traffic  “. You can easily filter the map by selecting following options  ” traffic” or  “attack ”

By Traffic

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia



9. Sucuri

I think most of you already  know about wordpress and its popularity  ,it powers  millions of blog and websites ( almost 24 % of all website on the web are run on wordpress platform ) .

but , as we know in online world nothing is safe and sometimes wordpress is also suffers  from malicious attacks.   Sucuri .com tracks and shows the data about wordpress brute force attacks , it shows the overall data in 4 different frames

  1. Representation of failed login attempts per day


2. Brute force Attack origin


3. Origin of attack by ASN  ( Autonomous System Number )



4. Attacks Per Hour



10 . IBM X -force 

IBM x -force trace Malicious IP Addresses , this website doesnot  provide detailed information but still useful for all of us to see how cyber attacks increasing day by day .




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