Xfinity Speed Test by Comcast : The Most Complete and unbiased Review (2017)

Comcast/XFINITY Speed Test complete  Review


Xfinity speed test by Comcast  is the free web service through which you can easily test both  downloading and uploading speed , by using this tool  you can analyze whether your internet connection is up to the mark or not  .

Requirements :

  • Uninterrupted internet connection
  • flash plugin need to installed and enabled
  • for proper functioning javascript must be enable in web browser

Step by Step Guide to use Comcast / Xfinity speed test tool

  1. Click here to visit comcast website .
  2. Then click on ” Start Test “.
  3. wait for few seconds and finally you have got complete speed test result on your screen ( screenshot attached below )



How does Xfinity speed test works ?

In order to provide accurate speed test results , comcast speed test  download and uploads small packets of data from your computer and after that some mathematical calculations are performed to determine current internet speed in Mbps.

Under ” Advanced Setting ” , you can also select nearest  host  from the list of 27 comcast  servers    .


Comcast Speed Test vs Ookla ( ) , who wins the battle ?

Most of you already know that ookla is a global leader in measuring the internet performance but is it really more accurate than comcast ?

The answer is both  “yes ” and ” no  ” , before thinking that i am mad wait for a minute because here is the reason behind my answer .

Comcast is the ISP (internet service provider) based  testing service while on other hand by ookla  is the Non-ISP hosted tool ,

That’s why sometime we are encountered with incorrect results because both of them works on  different benchmark .

Most of the time ISP based speed testing tool gives inaccurate result outside their countries due to lack of hosted servers  .

Important : so , if you are a comcast customer then it is more better for you to test internet speed with official  xfinity speed test tool.


Can I use xfinity speed test  if it doesnot  provide ISP services in my country ?

Yes , you can  measure  latency ,downoad and upload speed by going to their official website without any problem.

But i suggest you to use your own ISP based testing  tool or any other non-isp based speed test services such as :

  • by ookla
  • CNET  based speed test
  • Bandwidthplace

Click here to visit Top 5 best website to check data  speed


My opinion :

According to my observations Comcast or xfinity speed test tool is one of the best available service  to measure your current internet performance or metrics . The best part is its simplicity and user -interactive interface , with a single-click you can get all valuable statistics , but if you are not a comcast customer then i recommend you to use other Non-ISP based  testing services for getting more realistic results .

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