Top 5 Google Chrome Extension you need right now !!!

Top 5 Chrome Extension you need right now: Google Chrome has become one of the most popular web browser available today, nowadays it not only used for searching queries on the web but also offers several powerful features which make it better from others.

I bet, most of you know about ” install- extension” feature and already gone through it, but today we’ll  be discussing some great extensions that totally surprise you with its functionalities and also suit your requirements.

without further ado, here is the list of top 10 useful chrome extension you should try.



Today, link shorteners are widely used to compress lengthy URL’s  but do you ever think what to do if anyone wants to see the destination URL  without going to the website itself.

Here is an ultimate solution, you have to just simply install “” extension on Chrome and after that right-click on any shorten URL and select “Unshorten this link ” option to see where they actually go through. Not only this it also shows some additional information such as safety ratings, website description, and web page screenshot which helps you to identify whether the website is safe or not.

Note: properly works with some popular URL shortening services such as and Bitly



2.  Google Translate:

we all know Google Translate gives us a freedom to translate one language into another but after addition of chrome extension, it becomes more convenient to use, for using this amazing tool, you have to just select the text and then right-click to choose “Google Translate ” option, that’s it.

currently, Google Translate supports 103 languages.

Note: If you want to translate entire web page then tap on its extension icon and select” Translate this page

3. Ad Block Plus

Do you want to block advertisement and loads web pages faster?

If yes, then ” Ad block plus ” is the good option for you. Most of you already know that no any tool gives you a 100 % guaranteed to block all ads but after using Ad block plus I am pretty sure that it is the best advertisement blocking tool I have ever used.

So what are you waiting for, go and install this awesome tool to experience advertisement free web -browsing.

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4.  Awesome screenshot:

Awesome screenshot is another useful tool in the list, it helps you to take a screenshot of an entire webpage without having the scroll, not only this it also gives several additional options such as capturing a screenshot of selected area, inputting text, selection tools, blur option and many other. By using this tool You can also choose your desired image file format such as png or jpg.




5. Google Dictionary:

With Google dictionary, you can easily get the definition of any word, it is very simple to use, after installing it simply double-click on a word to see its meaning, it also gives you an option to select the whole phrase and see definition in the Google dictionary toolbar.

As it is free to use, that’s why I strongly recommend this tool to students and content writers.

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