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How much money do youtubers make : We’re all aware of the big names in the industry like PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, Smosh, MKBHD, etc. After a while, one begins to wonder how much these mini-celebrities make.

The answer: A lot! YouTubers like brave wilderness, Reaction Time, Logan Paul and others command a pay cheque that’s well over a million dollars a year. But that’s not the full story. Like the entertainment industry, YouTubers are categorized into different income groups. For example, there are actors who get paid millions for every movie while there are others who make enough just to get by.


Before talking about how much money do YouTubers make, one needs to clear some common misconceptions. Youtube does not directly pay YouTubers for making videos. YouTube does not pay YouTubers if they increase the number of subscribers they have. Neither do they get paid for likes or comments . In order to understand how much do YouTuber get paid one has to understand what YouTube is.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube among many things, is the modern world’s replacement of television. The entire ecosystem of YouTube runs on the same principles of  Television: Advertising. YouTube doesn’t pay for making videos, but advertisers pay YouTube a lot of money to display their ads before or in between videos.

A big chunk of this is taken by YouTube and the rest is given to the YouTubers. This is one way in which YouTube indirectly pays a YouTuber. For the sake of simplicity, let’s analyze about how much do YouTubers make based on their income level.

1. Small-income YouTubers

They either earn almost nothing or earn enough as a side job. A majority of YouTuber come from this category. The objective of these YouTubers isn’t necessarily money. They could start a YouTube channel as a hobby or for spreading awareness.

There are those who start the channel with the objective to make money but are struggling because the number of views for their channel may be poor and they don’t have any sponsorship either. They typically have a low view count and subscriber base. Their range of income is from zero (sometimes negative because of production costs) to 35,000 dollars. They always have another source of income apart from Youtube.

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2. Middle-income YouTubers

They earn enough to sustain themselves solely through earnings from Youtube. Again, it is difficult to put a rough estimate on how much they make. The range could vary from how much a teacher makes in a year with steady income coming into that of a successful comedian or musician who gets by getting paid for various gigs. It depends on what form of advertising they are doing.

Middle-income YouTubers could have a good subscriber base and advertisers may pay them to promote a particular product. For example, A YouTube channel might be exclusively talking about Basket ball. This could include tips and tricks, latest events, and personalities. These channels, if they have a significant subscriber base and views normally approach sporting companies that would offer them sponsorship for promoting their product.

There are many other ways that the earn money such as Patreon, Vessel, affiliate marketing, etc. The view count and subscriber base is a factor but doesn’t have a commanding effect over how much a YouTuber makes. A YouTuber with a good sponsor could probably make more money than a Youtuber who easily has more subscribers or views than them. Their range of income can be from 35,000 dollars to 150000 dollars a year.

3. High-income YouTubers

They are top level YouTubers who easily make millions of dollars in a year. They always have a very high subscriber and view count on their YouTube channel, both easily crossing over a million. Apart from getting large amounts of revenue through YouTube ads, many of them earn money by letting them use their brands.

These are the industry captains and normally set the standards on how YouTubers earn money. They are celebrities in their own right. For perspective’s sake, PewDiePie, Smosh and Jenna Marbles each have subscribers that are more than the entire population of Switzerland!

The TakeAway

Figuring out how much a YouTuber makes is a very difficult to figure out based on their video quality, subscribers or view count. A better way to find out how much a YouTuber makes is to find out the different ways they make money. This could be through sponsorships, affiliates or even live appearances. If one wants to start a career in YouTube, they have to note that advertising is the key to making money on Youtube.

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