Top 7 Best VPN services available for Windows

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about safe browsing, are you? if yes then come and let’s stand for the same.
from the past few years, we already notice that VPN (virtual private network ) service become one of the most popular ways to perform safe browsing. It helps to establish more secure network connection by encrypting both in and out data packets, not only this it also give permission to access blocked website and kept our identity hidden from ISP’s and hackers.
For example, some of the most popular torrent web directories and music services like Spotify are not available in India but after installing VPN services and connecting to different countries Server users can able to access it. So without further delay, let’s start.

Top 7 best VPN services available for windows





1. Zenmate

with more than 41 million happy users and servers across 30 countries, Zenmate VPN service grabbed top position in the list. The best part is that it is available for both Windows PC and Android smartphone users. Additionally, it helps you to browse securely on public wifi connection which ensures both privacy and security.
It offers 14 days free trial version but after that, you have to spend few dollars to get the premium subscription.

Features of Zenmate VPN

  1. Access block website in a single click
  2. Availability of extensions and add-on for some of the  most popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  3. It also gives you an opportunity to earn commission (upto 100%) while taking part in zenmate affiliate program




2. Ip-Vanish

Do you want to surf anonymously on the internet? if yes then IP-vanish is the best available solution for you, it completely disappears your original IP address and location which helps you to prevent from tracking issues.They have more than 850+ servers across 60+ countries.
it is compatible with Windows, Mac. IOS, router, and Android device.

features of IP vanish

  1. IP vanish prevents deep vanish infection and helps you to maintain your privacy.
  2. simple interface with user-friendly apps.
  3. It works on 256 bit AES encryption
  4. keep your online transaction safe on public wi-fi networks




3. Nord VPN

It is one of the most popular and advanced VPN service which allows you to access blocked website but it is not free. The best thing is that Nord VPN offers double data encryption technology which ensures that now there is no need to worry about privacy and security.

Features of Nord VPN

  1. Secure your online activities on public wifi
  2. Nord VPN has 1036 servers across 56 countries
  3. Integrated with double data encryption technology
  4. Protect your online activities with 2048 bit SSL encryption.



4. Express VPN 

Express VPN surely enhanced your browsing experience by offering high encryption and unlimited bandwidth. It allows you to browse anonymously and access blocked website. So what are you waiting for go and buy their premium subscription to Enjoy risk -free browsing.

Features of Express VPN

  1. Available for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, ios, android, router, and Linux
  2. Secure your browsing data with 256-bit SSL encryption
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Having servers in more than 94 countries


5. Opera VPN

we already know opera is the most popular web browser but I bet most of you still not aware that they have free integrated VPN, yes you read it right, now there is no need to install any external VPN, just go to setting inside Opera windows browser and enable VPN option to enjoy secure browsing.

Features of Opera VPN

  1. No need to pay a single penny for getting Opera VPN.
  2. Experience ultra-fast browsing speed and keep your browsing data safe from hackers.


6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is another trusted name in the list, it offers both free and premium version for their users. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, ios and android devices.hotspot shield automatically masks your original IP address with a new one that prevents you to being tracked from hackers. In premium version, you can get more features such as multi-device support, ad-free browsing experience, and cloud-based malware protection.



7. Tunnel Bear

Well, Tunnel Bear VPN is another great alternative option for you, it hides your IP address and location from ISP’s, website and hackers which give you an option to browse freely on the internet. Your connection is secured with bear-grade 256 bit -encryption.

Features of Tunnel Bear

  1. Availability of both free and premium version ( Tunnel Bear free version offers 500 MB data)
  2. Worldwide network in more than 20+ countries.




we all know VPN services are not only used for accessing block websites, they have several additional features which provide a safe environment for web surfing, that’s why I highly recommend you to install any VPN and makes your network connection more secure. if you are ready to spend few dollars then choose premium subscription plans to get more benefit.

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