8 Best Fidget Spinner available in India under Rs 1000

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Hand spinner is one the most trending toy in 2017 and most of us love it. That’s why today in this post I decided to bring you the list of Top 8 best fidget spinner available in India under Rs 1000. So, if you are planning to purchase a new hand spinner then read this post until the end.

Let’s start …

Fidget Spinner WeightDimension
1. Flipzon Hand Spinner50 g12.3*9.8*1.7
2. Toyshine Chrome fidget spinner 59 g11*9*1.9
3. Captain America Shield Spinner Fidget :
82 g 8.8*8.6*2.4
4. Premson wheel Spinner68 g 9.6*3*3
5. Omega Round Spinner32g9.2*9*1.8
6. Magicwand Rechargeable Hand Spinner32 g 9*9*1
7.Blaze Hammer Stainless Steel680 g 9*9*1

1. Flipzon Hand Spinner :


This hand spinner from Flipzon is a basic one, completely made up of plastic. Depending on the force applied, it easily spins up to 1-2  minutes. It uses high performance 608 bearing in the center which makes it more durable and effective for use. The only drawback is that it produces little-bit sound while spinning. As the availability concern, it comes in 6 different colors which cost up to Rs 149 on Amazon.in.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Perfect fit for beginners.
  • Cheap pricing


  • No metallic finish, completely made up of a plastic body.
  • Not completely silent

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  2. Toyshine chrome fidget spinner:



As the name suggests, it is a chrome edition fidget spinner from Toyshine. It costs Rs 150 to 250 depending on which color you look to purchase.This little toy is more durable and made up of fiber -plastic body. It consists really nice bearing which helps you to spin it for about  2-3 minutes.If we talk about user rating then it got 3.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon which is quite amazing. So, if you planning to purchase hand spinner in cheap price then it’s definitely one of the best available option for you.


  • Ultra-smooth finish
  • Availability of different color variants.

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3. Captain America Shield Spinner Fidget :


If you ‘re a Marvel fan then you definitely love captain America shield fidget Spinner, they are quite different from others and got a hypnotic design on both the sides which looks totally amazing.The body is made up of premium metal with the tapered middle part. It comfortably spins up to 4-5 minutes in a single flick and also produces no sound, so people around you will not be disturbed at all.


  • Metallic finish.
  • Sleek and stylish look.


  • Costly in comparison to others.

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4. Premson Wheel Hand Spinner :

We fell in love with Premson fidget spinner. It’s built quality is excellent and design is simply remarkable. It spins for almost 5-7 minutes without any issue.This one is definitely the best spinner which I recommend to all my readers. Overall user rating and review are also good which shows its popularity among users.

Price: Rs 850-900


  • Highly durable
  • Well-balanced and smooth spin


  • Pricing is too high

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5. Omega Round Fidget Spinner :



It is first round spinner in the list, made up of high-quality aluminum and looks really fantastic. Available in 4 different colors which give you a wide range of option to select the best one. The rotation is pretty fast and looks comfortable in hand. So if you are interested in this toy then you can purchase it from Amazon for just Rs 449.


  • Easy to carry due to less weight and small size
  • Completely silent

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6. Blaze UFO Spinner:


The UFO spinner from Blaze is another compact fidget toy for children with a metallic finish. It weighs 680 gram which is the little bit heavy in comparison to others.Bearing quality is almost awesome which reduces friction and gives you much smoother experience.It has an average spin time of 1-3 minutes with fast-speed rotation.


  • Bearing with low friction technology.
  • Unique design

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7. Magicwand Rechargeable Hand Spinner :


Here is another astonishing Rechargeable Bluetooth spinner from Magicwand with music and LED light features. It is definitely for those who love listening to music. To start working, simply connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth. LED light looks much more impressive in the dark and spin time is quite normal which lasts up to 1-2  minutes.

Watch this video to view how Magicwand fidget spinner looks in the dark


  • It comes additional features like music and LEd light
  • Pricing is not too high


  • Charging cable not included in the package.

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8. Blaze Hammer Stainless Steel Spinner Toy :




It is a super heavy hand spinner which weight almost 680 gm, built quality is totally awesome ( pure-metallic finish) with lightning fast spinning speed. The toy comes with 6 detachable heads and scratch-resistant body.

Cost: Available at Rs 850


  • Long spinning time
  • Beautiful stainless steel finish


  • Too much heavy, not recommended for children under 10 years.

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