Guide To Stop Autoplaying Animated GIFs In Web Browser

Animated Gifs do not need any introduction, Today they are the trend and people love to express their emotions with Gifs especially on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Animated Gifs are not only cool and funny but sometimes they are highly informative. As we know everything has both pros and cons, So now its turn to disclose some of it.

Suppose you want to surf any web page but it is full of autoplay Gifs, then the situation is quite irritating and most of the time we encountered with the same, web page become heavy and took a lot of time in loading. But now there is no need to worry, Today I am going to show you ” How to stop auto-playing animated gifs in web browser “, so let’s get started.

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*1*. Google Chrome

We all know Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and if you use it and want to stop auto-playing Gifs then there is need to install an extension for the same. Follow below step by step guide to get more information.

  • To download the “Animation Policy “extension on chrome browser,  Just click on three vertical dots located at the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • Now Go to “More Tools” << “Extensions”.
  • A new page appears on the screen, just scroll down and tap on ” Get more extensions“.
  • Type the name ” Animation policy ” in the search bar and press enter.
  • Simply install it by clicking on “Add To Chrome” button.



  • Once the installation is finished, you can able to see ” Animation Policy Extension ” icon in your browser, click on it.
  • Just select ” Disable all animation” to stop loading Gif images permanently, however you can also change settings and view the gif files again.



*2*.Opera  :

  • Open Opera Browser and Click on Hamburger Menu, Now Go to “Add-ons” << “Extension”.
  • Search ” Gif Blocker”  extension and install it on the browser.
  • After installation, just click on extension icon to disable and enable Gifs image animation.


*3*. Firefox:

Method 1:

If you want to delay the play of Gif images until they are fully downloaded, then ” Gif Delayer ” is surely the best available extension for you. Especially, this extension is helpful for those users whose network performance or bandwidth is low and they can’t able to surf the internet at high speed. So now you get rid of seeing shuttering Gifs that start playing before being fully downloaded.

gif delyer showing loading of gif

Method 2 :

Do you want to disable Gifs animation permanently on firefox browser, If ” yes” then this method is quite helpful for you, The best thing is that there is no need to download any external add-on or extension …… So without further ado let’s get started.

  • Firstly open a new tab on firefox browser and type “about:config” in the address bar and press enter.


  • Now a warning appears on your screen, just click on ” I accept the risk ” to proceed further.


  • On next page, simply type ” Animation ” in the search bar and hit “Enter “.
  • Now select “image.extension_name” and double click on it

select image.animation-mode to stop autoplaying in firefox

  • A popup appears, Just replace “Normal” with “None” and click on ” OK ” button, that’s it now Gif animation is permanently blocked on firefox browser.

*4*. Internet Explorer: Stop Auto-playing GIFs

  • Open internet explorer and click on “Gear ” icon to access settings.
  • Now Go to “Internet options” and click on ” Advanced “tab
  • Scroll down to “Multimedia” and Untick ” Playing Animation in web pages” option
  • Just reboot the computer and after that, no animated Gif’s will be played on Internet Explorer.

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