Full Guide To Use And Install Gmail Add-ons

Here is the good news for all Gmail users, Recently Google allows add-ons support on gmail which means now user can do lot of other things from inbox instead of just composing E-mails, that definitely helps to increase productivity .

Right now,the feature is only available for web and android platform and sooner it will be released for IOS devices .It also allows third-party developer to integrate their services directly with gmail. So if you don’t know how to use and install Add-ons on Gmail , then read this post till the end to get more information.

Install Gmail Add-Ons

  • To install add-ons , Just login your Gmail account on desktop browser and click on “Gear” option located at the top-right side and from drop-down menu just tap on” Get add ons”



  • Now you will see a list of various Gmail-add ons including streak CRM, Asana ,Smartsheet, Trello, Dialpad and many others .As per your choice and requirement select any of the above to start installing it .


  • To demonstrate how this feature works , I am going to add ” Asana” , just click on its icon and tap on ” Install ” button, To begin downloading you need to give permission by clicking on” Continue” option.


  • Now, a  Popup  displays on your screen where , it will ask you to choose the gmail account that you want to use with this Add-on, simply select your desired account and  give permission by clicking on ” Allow”. That’s all wait for few seconds and after that it will successfully installed .


Use Gmail Add-ons on Desktop Browser

Now , it’s time to learn how to use Installed Add-ons and for this you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Just Go to “Inbox” and open any email .Now on the right-hand side you will see “Add-Ons” icon ,simply click on it.


  • Now, “Asana” displays a dialogue box where it will ask you to signup or login an account. Once , the user filled login credentials , he can able to schedule or configure new tasks directly from inbox.


Use Gmail Add-Ons on Mobile App

  1. Firstly, login same Gmail account on app ,open any email and scroll down until you find “Add-ons” option, finally tap on it.
  2.  Now create your task by adding “Task name”,”Due date” and “Description”, That’s all now their is no need to do anything more .


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If you have any query regarding this information, then comment below i tried my best to solve it as soon as possible.

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