Guide To Use RememBear Password Manager

The most popular VPN service Tunnel Bear recently launched their new Password manager app “RememBear” currently available in Beta.

The application comes with a beautiful user interface and quite easy to use, It definitely saves your time by auto-filling login and payment forms on your favorite websites.

Most of you already know that  “LastPass” and “Dashlane” are some of the most popular available alternatives for the same.

As expected,” RememBear password manager” is quite safe and secure, It features 256-bit end-to-end encryption and available for all the popular platforms such as Android, Mac, iOS, Windows as well as Google Chrome extension for free of cost.

By using this service you can easily sync passwords across all your phones, computer, and tablets for a hassle-free experience. It also helps you to set super secure and unique passwords for all your online accounts.

So if you don’t know how to use ” RememBear password manager application” then read his post until the end to get more information, without further ado, Let’s get started.

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How To Use RememBear Password Manager App On The Smartphone?

  • First of all just click here, simply download and install the “RememBear” app on the Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Now open it and create an account using e-mail id.
  • After this, just tap on ” Go to settings” and turn on ” Remembear Autofill“, as it helps you by typing login details automatically.


  • To proceed further, Simply skip all the other messages and click on “Finish”
  • So, now you are the main screen, where you can see “+(add)” option, just tap on it.
  • Now, here you can easily able to save your credit card and website login credentials inside a secure encrypted vault that only you can access.

  • For an example, I am going to add my Twitter account login credentials.To do this just tap on ” Login” and fill required fields such as name, username or email, password, website, and notes ( optional).
  • So that’s it, now there is no need to remember the long and lengthy password the service itself auto-fills the details across various websites and apps.


Note: Once users stored login credentials inside secure vault they can able to see the list of synchronized account on the main screen of the app.



How to connect other devices with RememBear?

Suppose you first downloaded and use the “RememBear app” on your Android smartphone but soon after that you realize the service is quite handy and want to sync stored information on your iPhone.

Then, first of all, just open RememBear app on the Android smartphone, Go to main menu and tap ” Add a new device“.

After this just scan QR code or manually enter new device key to connect other devices with Remembear.



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