35 Brainstorming Questions Asked By Microsoft For Job Interviews

We all know Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction, it is one of the most famous software company in the world that is popularly known for its ” Windows operating system and other services ….. but do you ever think what type of Brainstorming questions they ask while recruiting some “Brilliant minds”. if ” No ” then this post surely helps you a lot

Here is a list of ” Top 35 toughest questions ask by ” Microsoft” in the Job interviews“.So without further ado let’s get started


35 Tricky Microsoft Job Interview Questions

Source : Glassdoor.co.in

Ques 1:

Why do you want to join Microsoft, instead of Google? Give Reasons ( Software Development)

Ques 2:

A disc is spinning on a spindle, and you don’t know which way. You are given a set of pins. Describe how you would use them to determine which way the disc is spinning ? (Business Development)

Ques 3:

There are 100 lockers, a man runs from left to right toggling the door from open to locked, skipping every other door. Does that again and again, toggling the multiples of an ith door. In the end, how many doors are open ?

(Software Engineer Interview)

Ques 4:

How would you design autofill for a search engine?

( Project Manager Interview)

Ques 5:

How would you design an app for a blind person to take pictures?

(Program Manager)

Ques 6:

What is a piece of technology that you would like to change or improve? How do you stay current with what is happening with technology?

( Software Engineer Interview)

Ques 7:

How many children are born every day? 

(Global Supply Manager interview)

Ques 8:’

How would you explain the working of a computer to five-years-old child?

(Microsoft Explore Program Interview)

Ques 9:

How would you explain Cloud-computing to your Grandma ?

(Program Manager Interview)

Ques 10:

If there is a file spread across 100 machines with “x” amount of storage and some duplicates, How can you remove duplicates.

( Software Engineer Interview)

Ques 12:

How many times do the Hour and Minute hands of a clock overlap in a 24-hour period?

(Software Development Engineer)

Ques 13:

How would you Design an Air-conditioning system for a New hotel.

( Software Engineer Interview)

Ques 14:

You have 7 Identical marbles but one is slightly heavier than the others. You also have a balance scale. Identify which marble is heavier only using the scale twice .

(Software Development Engineer)

Ques 15:

How to Design a “Bingtube” (Similar to Youtube) for video streaming ?

(Program Manager Interview)

Ques 16:

Tell me something about yourself that I can’t find on your resume.


Ques 17:

5 important features that “Windows” is missing?

( Program Manager Interview)

Ques 18:

Imagine you’re a PM for your school project, and you have 8 months to bring it to production. What do you, and how do you spend these 8 months .

(Program  Manager Interview)

Ques 19:

How would you determine, if a deck of card is poorly or wells shuffled?

( Software Development Engineer)

Ques 20:

Can you explain the “Internet” to my 80 year old Grandmother ?”

(Premier Field Engineering Interview)

Ques 21:

Given a collection of songs with names and times, determine the longest mixtape you can make that fits into a CD and can hold 20 mins of content.

(Project Manager Interview)

Ques 22:

How you would create a service to provide Microsoft updates to over a billion devices.

( Software Project Manager Interview)

Ques 23:

How would you design “Centralized parking lot system” ?

(Software Development Engineer)

Ques 24:

What was the most difficult Technical and Social issue you would like to solve ?

(Support Escalation Engineer Interview)

Ques 25:

Show us an example of a Website with Great Design.

Ques 26:

If you had to choose between loyalty and losing a million dollars in regards to customers, what would you like to choose?

(Project Manager Interview)

Ques 27:

How would you design a cellphone and how this design change depending on the target demographic?

(Project Manager Interview)

Ques 28:

If you meet ” Satya Nadela”, the CEO what advice would you give him on improving ” Microsoft ” to make it more better.

(Microsoft Explore Program Interview)

Ques 29:

How would you gather data from a bunch of computers into a common cloud ?(Program Manager)

Ques 30:

If you needed to set up “Tesla” in a new country what infrastructure would you build and why?

(Business Development Interview)

Ques 31:

How would you implement a browser history tracking Tool ?

(Internship interview)

Ques 32:

Why are Manholes Round?

( Software Development Engineer Interview)

Ques 33:

How would you design a “Microwave oven” for college students ?

(Business development Interview)

Ques 34:

What would you do if you have a product launch scheduled in two weeks and have major bugs in your software.


Ques 35:

Tell a way to make sure there is always milk in my Fridge ?

(Internship Interview)

Ques 36:

Why “Android” is selling more than “Apple” ?

(Finance Manager Interview)

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