Most useful Microsoft Excel keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Operating System

As we all know Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet and data analysis tool that comes with a lot of handy features ,That’s why today in this post I am going to cover all useful “Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts” for windows operating system that definitely helps you to perform different tasks in more easier and faster way.

So without wasting much more time ” Here is the list of most useful MS Excel keyboard shortcuts you should use.

Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Excel


Keyboard ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+OTo open a worksheet
Ctrl+STo save a worksheet
Ctrl+B or Ctrl+2To make text bold
Ctrl+I or Ctrl+3To make text Italic
Ctrl+ZTo undo last executed command
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+ATo select all the conent of a worksheet
Delete keyTo remove or erase specific cell content
Ctrl+XTo move selected cells
Ctrl+PTo open Print Dialog box for printing
Ctrl+WTo close a worksheet
Shift+F5To open "find" dialog box
Alt+ATo open data tab
Shift+TabSwitch to previous tab in a worksheet
Shift+F3To insert a function
Ctrl+ENDMove to the last cell of the spreadsheet
Ctrl+F6To switch into next open workbook window
Ctrl+Page upSwitch between worksheet tabs from left to right
Shift+F11To insert a new worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+:To enter the current time
Ctrl+;Enter current date
Ctrl+F9To minimze workbook window
Ctrl+SpacebarTo select entire column
Shift+SpacebarTo select entire row
Ctrl+T or Ctrl+LTo display create table dialog box
Alt+F8To Open Macro Dialog Box
Ctrl+U or Ctrl+4To underline the text
Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
Alt+HGo to Home tab
Ctrl+PagedownMove to the next sheet in a workbook
Pageup Move to the onescreen up in a workshee
PagedownMove to the one screen down in the workbook
Ctrl+Shift+Plus(+)Inorder to insert blank cells by opning insert dialog box
Shift+F9To calculate the active worksheet
F7To check spelling by opening spelling dialog box
Ctrl+Page DownSwitch between worksheet tab from right to left
Ctrl+Shift+PageupMove to the previous sheet in a workbook
Ctrl+Shift+PagedownMove to the next sheet in a workbook
Ctrl+9To hide the selected rows
Ctrl+0To hide the selected column
Ctrl+F4To close the selected workbook window
Alt+EnterTo insert a line break within cells
Ctrl+(-)To open delete dialog box
F2Edit active cell
Ctrl+Shift+HTo select the hyperlink
Alt+=To autosum a range of cells
Ctrl+Shift+4Format as Currency
Ctrl+Shift+1Format as Number
Ctrl+Shift+#Format as Date
Ctrl+Shift+@Format as Time
Ctrl+Shift+%Format as percentage without decimal places
Ctrl+Shift+^Format as exponential number format with two ecimal places
F1To display excel help dialog box


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