55+ Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys, You Should know

Surely,Microsoft Word is one of the best graphical word processing platform that allows users to type or save document, and in our day to day life we use it quite frequently.

That’s why today in this post I am going to share the “55 Essential Microsoft Word shortcut keys” that definitely helps you to boost productivity by saving time in more effective way.

 Most useful keyboard shortcuts keys for MS Word 2007, 2010,2013

Microsoft word shortcut keys
Keyboard ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+NTo open new file
Ctrl+STo Save a file
Ctrl+OTo open existing file
Ctrl+PTo Print a file or document
Ctrl+YRedo last performed action
Ctrl+ZUndo Last Action
Ctrl+BTo make the selected text bold
Ctrl+ITo make the selected text Italics
Ctrl+UTo underline a text
Ctrl+LFor Left Alignment
Ctrl+EFor Center Alignment
Ctrl+RFor Right Alignment
F1To display MS Word help dialog box
Ctrl+WTo close the document
Ctrl+F1To minimize the ribbon
Ctrl+HomeMove to beginning of the document
Ctrl+KTo insert the hyperlink
Alt+Ctrl+MTo insert comment
Alt+Ctrl+FTo insert a footnote
Shift+EnterLine Break
Ctrl+EnterPage Break
Alt+Ctrl+1To apply the Heading 1 text formatting style
Alt+Ctrl+2To apply Heading 2 style
Alt+Ctrl+3To apply Heading 3 style
Alt+Shift+DTo insert a date field
Alt+Shift+PTo insert a page field
Alt+Shift+TTo insert a time field
F11Go to the Next field
Shift+F11Go to the Previous field
Ctrl+F6Go to the Next window
Ctrl+Shift+F6Go to the Previous window
Alt+F8To open Macro dialog box
Ctrl+ATo select entire content of a document
Ctrl+DTo open font dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+AAfter selecting the paragraph or line and pressing the shortcut key all lower case character converted into upper case
Ctrl+=To apply subscript formatting
Ctrl+Shift+(+)To apply superscript formatting
Ctrl+QTo remove paragraph formatting
Ctrl+F9To insert an empty field
Ctrl+1For Single space line
Ctrl+2For double space line
Ctrl+Shift+F5To edit a bookmark
Alt+F5To restore the program window size
Alt+F7To find grammatical mistakes or spelling errors
Alt+Page upGo to the first cell in the column
Alt+Page downGo to the last cell in the column
Alt+Shift+Up ArrowRow up
Alt+Shift+Down ArrowRow down
Ctrl+Shift+>To increase the font size
Ctrl+Shift+<To decrease the font size
Page upUp one screen
Page down Down one screen
Ctrl+Alt+PFor Print layout view
Ctrl+Shift+GTo open word count dialog box


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