How to cancel Audible subscription (Guide)

Without any doubt, Audible is one of the most popular internet service by E-commerce giant Amazon, that provides a large catalog of digital audiobooks in various categories including some of the most popular ones like fiction, classic etc.

As, most of you already know that, it gives 30-days free trial access to every new user along with 1 free credit that can be used to purchase a single audiobook.


But as we know, to get free trial access on Audible, there is a need to provide credit/debit card details which means if any user forgets to cancel the subscription within one-month duration then they will be automatically charged to $14.95/ month.

So, if due to any reason you have decided to cancel Audible membership, then here’s how to get started, without further ado, Let’s move on.

Method 1:

How To Cancel Audible Subscription:

  • First of all, just log in to Audible account and tap on your “Name”, located at the top upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now, simply click on “Account details”.


  • Here, you will see many different things such as “Membership plan”, “Next Billing date”, “Audiobook credits” and it also mentions the exact date on which you join Audible subscription.
  • Just scroll down the page and under “Account settings”, you will get an option ” Cancel my membership”, just click on it.


  • Once it’s done, next step is to select the “Reason for cancellation”, simply select any one from the list to proceed further.


  • Finally, click on ” Continue Canceling” two times to stop Audible membership or subscription, that’s it.



Method 2:

How To Cancel Audible Membership Directly From Amazon Website:

  • Just, login to account by entering credentials such as E-mail id and password.
  • Now, hover the mouse over your name located at the upper top right corner of the web page and click on “Membership & Subscription” option.


  • Here you will see a list of both active and canceled subscription plans associated with your account.
  • If due to any reason you can’t able to see it then simply a select name of membership plan from the below list, In my case, I select it as ” Audible Audiobooks”.
  • Once. it’s done a new webpage is loaded where any user can able to see their current ” Audible membership plan”, ” Chosen Payment method” etc.
  • Now scroll down the page and under ” Membership options and Help” you will see a “Cancel Membership” link, just click on it and follow the same process mentioned above.


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