How To change Username in Twitter (Guide)

Do you want to change your Twitter username or Twitter handle without losing followers and tweets, but don’t know the right way to do it.

If ” Yes” then you’ve come to the right post. Here I am going to share a step by step guide related to “How to change username in Twitter“. So without any further ado, let’s get started

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On Computer

  • First of all, just visit “Twitter” website and log in your account by filling username and password.
  • Now, tap on “Profile Picture” icon, located next to “Tweet” button at the upper top right corner of the webpage
  • Here you will see many different options, just click on “Settings and privacy”



  •  Now under “Username” field, enter the new name, in order to change the existing one.


  • Once you type the new username, Twitter will check it and tell you whether it is available or not.
  • Next, click on ” Save Changes”‘

  • Finally, a popup appears on the screen where you need to re-enter the password to make changes to your account.


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On Mobile

  • Simply open a Twitter app on the smartphone, and log in your account.
  • Now tap on “Profile Picture “, located at the top left corner.


  • Next, scroll down and click on ” Settings and privacy”.



  • Here you will see an option ” Account” just tap on it.




  • Now, click on the ‘Username” field and type the new name.


Note: If you get green checkmark right of the username then it means it is not already taken and you can use it.

  • Next tap “Done” and your Twitter username has successfully been changed, that’s it.


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