Global Vision Review: The Best Quality control platform

Last updated on January 25th, 2018 at 02:21 pm

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As we know, the online marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds and that’s why it is a responsibility of the brand to deliver the exact error-free material what the customer wants, in order to grow and establish.

However, Nowadays for this task, an automated proofreading tool or software is needed to eliminate all the time consuming manual inspections, because we know very well, how a little error can ruin all the efforts and hard work.

Errors in packaging are unavoidable on a large scale, it’s a part of the game but the most important thing is to avoid human mistakes and thus it’s crucial to highlight and prevent any error going over graphics, colors, and layout.

So, if you are one who is looking for an automated proofreading tool that actually helps you at each and every stage of a packaging workflow then Global Vision platform is definitely the best choice for you.


Global Vision…..

Global vision is the world leader in the development of innovating automated proofreading technologies and highly specialize in the packaging and print industry.

They also offer several additional functionalities and features that give a quality control assurance.

All-in-one automated quality control products offered by the Global vision:

1. Text-Inspection :

“Global vision text inspect” feature includes a lot of additional benefits like a web-page examination, native file handling, detection of font-size sensitivity and inspection of specific paragraphs or pages that definitely help you in delivering an error-free product.

2. Graphics Inspection:

Graphics inspection means a monitoring or comparison of previous artwork file with a revised artwork file pixel by pixel. In order to find a difference in between the colors, layout and few minor changes.

Some important features include automatic inspection of all repeated and nested files and comparison of distorted images.

3. Barcode Inspection:

With Global vision automated proof-reading tool, barcode checking and validation becomes easier, now there’s no need for inspecting barcode with devices. However, the tool itself monitor all the barcodes inside the software.

It also confirms that whether all of them are compliant with ISO and ANSI standards or not.

4. Braille Inspection:

Braille inspection is another most useful features, It helps to inspect, translate and verify Braille that ensures whether it is correct or not.

It also measures dot spacing and supports up to 42 different Braille languages.

5. Spelling Inspection:

Spelling errors are very normal and thus there is need to fix it immediately, By using Global Vision automated proofreading tool you can able to spell check an entire word, pdf document or web pages with full accuracy. It also supports 16 different foreign languages and gives you an option to make the custom dictionary.

6. Print Inspection:

It helps in preventing print errors like smudges, marks, ink splatters, picking, scratches etc. So now you can easily able to compare your approved artworks to printed press sheets that help in minimizing packaging errors.

However, if you want to reduce risk to your own brand and eliminate errors from the production and print, then it is highly recommended to check out the global vision automated proofread tool, it not only works faster and accurate but also exactly delivers what your customer want from you.

So what are you waiting for, go and give it a try.

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