How to Stop Facebook Auto-Play Videos

As we know, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platform with over 2 billion daily active users.


However, Nowadays most of the people prefer and love to use Facebook’s latest fast-loaded mobile app rather than a website because it is more responsive, easy to use, offers some nice features and adds various other functionalities which makes it the best.

But if you are one who is concerned about data usage and auto-playing videos on facebook app then this guide is especially for you.

Instead of wasting the data packs on loading unwanted facebook videos, I recommend you to change the setting in order to disable facebook auto-play videos completely.

So,¬†without any further ado, let’s get started.

How To disable Facebook Auto-play videos.

  • To access the account, first of all, just open the Facebook application and enter login credentials such as username and password.


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  • Next, Go to “Settings” tab by clicking on three horizontal lines located at the upper right corner of the app.


  • Now simply scroll down until you find an option “App Settings”, just click on it.


  • Here, under “App settings” tab you will find the “Autoplay” option, Go and select it to proceed further.


  • Next, you will find three different Autoplay options to choose: “On mobile data and wifi connections”, “On wifi connections only” and “Never auto-play videos”.
  • So you need to select any one according to preference and requirements.
  • If you are one who wants to completely disable or stop auto-play videos on facebook app, then select “Never autoplay videos” option.


  • But if you use public wifi connections several times a day then I recommended you to choose the option “wifi- connection only” which not only gives a better experience but also pre-load videos to save mobile data.
  • After applying the above settings, you need to manually select the videos to play, that’s done.

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