11 Stylish Nova Launcher Icon packs & Themes (2018)

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Best Nova launcher Icon packs/Themes:

Got bored of your android phone and want to throw it away just because of the same old look that you have to see every other day?

The same thing daily is quite boring, be it same food, same subject or same clothing. Everyone wants a change in their life, and phones are no exception.

Here we’ll tell you how can you make your android phone look new or even better without spending a single penny!

First thing’s first, If you’re an Android user then you must have heard about the “Nova Launcher” and some of you might be using it too.

But those who are new to the Android world and don’t know what Nova launcher is and what it does, keep reading!

Nova Launcher is something the best that’s ever made for Android, With more than 50 million+ downloads it tops the charts in the customization section of Google Play store.

This app or specifically launcher provides endless opportunity to customize your android phone.

Unlike others, it’s faster, easy to customize and has tons of options like custom icon themes, custom alignment of icons, color control, customizable app drawer, Infinite scrolling, customizable dock, plentifull widget options and has the option to backup and restore your favorite theme.

That’s not all, if you pay $1.5 USD or ₹99 INR for the prime version of the app you will get advanced and useful features like gesture control, unread count bubble, ability to hide apps, icon swipe actions, and more scroll effects.

Excited? and want to install Nova launcher this instant?

We have done the hard work for you by providing a list of best nova launcher icon packs and best nova launcher themes that will save your time and effort in searching for them.

The list includes all the best in class free nova launcher icons packs along with the links for paid versions as well.

Without any further delay let’s jump right into the “Top 10 Best Nova Launcher Icon packs for your android phone


1). Glim Icon Pack/Theme:

Wow! will be the first word your mind will utter after applying this icon pack theme. It’s simply one of the best minimalistic themes that will create sophistication out of simplicity.

All the icons present in Glim consists of very vibrant colors and shadow effect keeping in mind the material color palette.

No matter, this is one of the best free nova launcher theme or icon pack.

They offer very high-quality icons along with different color variants for popular applications.

Apart from that, they offer the following features:

  • Supports for dynamic calendar
  • Customized dock
  • Searchable icons within app
  • Missing icon request functionality
  • Tons of High-Quality free wallpapers

[appbox googleplay com.icons.glim.lite]

[appbox googleplay com.icons.glim]

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2. Polycon Icon pack/Theme:

This `is likely one of the best nova launcher icon pack that offers unique, creative and stylish icons with vibrant colors. It simplifies your home screen and makes it a lot easier to use.

This icon pack covers almost every application and game that is present on your android phone except few not so popular ones.

Let’s check out the list of features that it offers:

  • 20+ Very high-resolution icons absolutely free
  • 800+ icons for all your apps and games
  • Very wide compatibility
  • Custom folder icon options
  • Icon requesting feature

[appbox googleplay com.thearclabs.polycon]

3). Min Icon Pack/Theme:

Sick of your android phone’s poor battery life? Here’s solution for you! With a classy black and white theme and icons, it improves the battery life of your android phone to a great extent, especially for AMOLED screens.

You can get additional of 1-2.5 hours of battery life just by applying this nova launcher theme. This makes your home screen looks very classy and simple. Those who love simplicity would definitely love this theme.

This theme is totally free of cost and would add a charm to your Android device. It offers:

  •  A wide range of over 1500+ custom icons
  • Free collection of 50+ high-quality wallpapers
  • Icons and wallpapers are updated regularly
  • Various alternatives for a single icon

[appbox googleplay com.ryanmkelly.me.min]

4). Moonshine Icon Pack/Theme:

Do you own a Samsung or any other phone that provides the user with their own ugly skin pasted over the stock Android user interface?

It doesn’t look cool and makes your phone slower after some days.

In order to get the vanilla experience of Android and kick off the laziness out of your phone, developer Nate Wren Design has a theme cum icon pack known as Moonshine.

It is one of the best stock Android icons without any fancy tweaks. Keep it simple, keep it stock is what the theme is all about.

The list of features are listed below:

  • Muzei wallpaper support, that means tons of new high-quality wallpapers daily!
  • 925+ icons with different resolutions for a perfect touch. > Free 25+ wallpapers for your home and lock screen.
  • Icon picker with icon sorting option.
  • Support for 10+ launchers available on the play store.

[appbox googleplay nexbit.icons.moonshine]

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5). Retro Icon Pack/Theme:

People who love the retro vintage stuff and are fond of the past design sense, this icon pack will make you happier. This theme is a collection of icons that will add a certain sense of class to it.

The old looking icon has a modern feel to it. Carefully designed with proper colors, textures and shadow effect will make your phone look rather cool.

This icon theme has been created in collaboration with the developers of moonshine icon pack that is ranked #4 on our list, It offers:

  • Over 1150 classy retro icons
  • Multi-launcher compatibility
  • 70+ wallpapers to match the icons
  •  Easy to pick the custom icon for your favorite app with icon picker.

[appbox googleplay org.retro.material.icons.vintage]

6. Viral icon pack/Theme:

Viral word in itself sounds evil and so does this theme. Inspired by modern-day vintage design, this theme is a mixture of all the dark colors blended in a perfect ratio to give this theme its name.

This theme is special because you can even choose the icon style of different phone brands like Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Asus and more with viral styled icons for each of them.

  • 200+ High quality and matching wallpapers.
  • Dynamic calendar support
  • Android Oreo setting shortcut style
  • Extra icons with a new design and colors
  • Auto-applied to your phone after downloading.

Note: Includes In-App Purchases – $2.02 – $19.41 USD/₹ 130.00 – ₹ 1,250.00 INR

[appbox googleplay vintage.icon.pack.ddt]

7. Rondo icon pack/Theme:

Round and round and round … Enough said this theme is specially designed keeping in mind a single thing, round! indeed.Apart from providing you round icons, it doesn’t compromise on colors either. It’s colorful, bright and stylish.

The developers have kept a really good sense of style by keeping everything in sync with each other. They also offer the most number of icons in comparison to others pack out there.

  • A massive collection of 3500+ beautiful icons
  • Efficiently masks the unthemed icons
  • A new update every month or two
  • Request tool for new icons
  • Multi-launcher support with material design dashboard on top

[appbox googleplay com.benx9.cactus]

8. Light void flat white icon pack/Theme:

It’s time to make your home screen clean as well! This light void flat icon pack does the same job by making your home screen looks neat and clean.
It has a collection of very cool looking white colored icons that are transparent with the app logo itself.

This transparency makes it more attractive and different from the crowd. This theme is totally free and if you liked it much then you can purchase a paid version of this app with more icons, features, and wallpapers. This free version offers:

  • 2500+ flat, clean and handcrafted white icons.
  • 200+ matching wallpapers that add another level of coolness to your home screen.
  • Matching analog clock widget
  • New icons are added on a regular basis
  • Muzei support with tons of features

[appbox googleplay com.natewren.lightvoid]

9). Moonrise Icon Pack/Theme:

Our love for dark colors is something no one can deny. Brought to you by Msite Studio the Moonrise Icon pack.

It features one of the coolest looking material style dark colored icons with a little taste of stock android icons.

They have made this them keeping in mind the mixture of moonlight darkness, that’s neither too dark, nor too bright. They offer:

  • Over 1040+ high-quality icons
  • 60+ wallpapers that are totally free
  • Supports 24+ launchers
  • Vector style graphics
  • Weekly updates and support for custom icon request

[appbox googleplay com.monarchdesigns.moonriseiconpack]

10). Elta Flat Style Icon Pack/Theme:

This is the bigger brother of Rondo icon pack, coming from the same developer Benas Dzimidas. This icon pack theme features a sense of rounded square shape along with being vibrant and colorful.

Those who like their phone home screens to be colorful and vibrant without being too fancy or round would love this offering.

  • With over 3500+ icons ready to rock
  • Efficiently masks the unthemed icons
  • A new update available in the duration of every month or two

[appbox googleplay com.benx9.tulip]

11. Mia Gold Icon Pack/Theme

There won’t be anyone who doesn’t love Gold. It signifies luxury and adds another class to where ever it’s used. This Mia Gold Icon pack is totally free and makes your phone look valuable by adding a Midas touch to it.

Apart from being golden, it’s designed keeping in mind the standard material design statement to make it look more sleek and modern.

  • 2000+ golden HD icons and adding.
  • Multi Launcher support
  • A huge collection of over 400+ wallpapers for free
  • An icon search, preview and request functionality embedded in a single app.
  • Supports dynamic calendar

[appbox googleplay com.thaaus.mia&hl=en]

How to apply icons pack themes in Nova Launcher:

Step I)

After installing your favorite icon pack from the play store, open the app drawer and open “Nova Settings” icon to open up the menu.

Step II]

From the menus, find the “Look & Feel” menu and tap on it. This will show many options like Icon theme, screen orientation etc.

You need to select the “Icon Theme” option.

Step III]

After clicking on the icon theme, a small popup window will appear with a collection of all the icon packs that you have installed from play store.

Tap on the icon pack you want to apply. After this close the setting and press the home button to see the magic!

How to change Individual Icons in Nova Launcher:

Step I]

Tap and hold the icon you want to customize. This will open the edit shortcut menu.

Step II]

Tapping on the icon will bring “Select theme” option.

Step III]

Now choose the desired icon from the desired icon pack that’s installed on your phone.

Note: You can also edit the name of any app or games just by editing the name box next to the icon.


These nova launcher icon packs and themes are best for any occasion. Going to a party? Apply the Mia gold theme to get people stare your phone like you’re holding a real gold slab, feeling a strain on eyes?

Apply the Min or Light Void icon pack to relax your retina. These black themes can even save a lot of juice out of your phone to make you hit the power brick less often than before.

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Let’s us know what do you think in the comment section…..

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