10 Powerful Ways To Increase Youtube Subscribers (Infographics)

Last updated on March 16th, 2019 at 12:06 pm

10 Powerful ways to increase subscribers on Youtube

Do you want to become a Successful Youtuber?

If “Yes”, then the best possible way to achieve this huge milestone is to get more and more active subscribers who are eagerly waiting for your next video upload .

Well it’s not an easy task and requires lot of hard work and patience.

But as we know nothing is impossible , if you follow the right path

That’s why here we share an Infographic on “How to increase Youtube subscribers” and I am pretty sure you love it


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Here’s my take on “How to get more subscribers on Youtube” from the Infographic: 

1. Proper Planning Required

Without perfect planning and strategy you can’t able to grow your youtube channel , thus the first important thing is to select the “Niche” and decide how many videos can you upload on Youtube in a week , Now just follow the schedule.

To get better results ,write script and main points on notebook before start recording the video

2. Research Topic and Keyword

Before start creating a video , First of all understand your target audience.

Always try to analyze what they love to watch and what do they want to know about

And after that select the most relevant topic ,choose the right  keyword because it helps you to rank higher in youtube search results

For example if they prefer watching “How-To” or “Top List ” types of videos then start creating a similar content

3. Create Highly Engaging Content and Maintain Consistency

If you want to succeed on Youtube, then the most basic rule is to create interesting and useful video content on the regularly basis.

Always stick to your schedule because “Success is not all about greatness, It’s about Consistency

Also don’t ever compromise with your audio and video quality, always try to  record video in a good lighting condition.

If required ,properly edit your videos and add transition effects , statistical graphs , animations to make it more appealing and creative

4. Optimize Title, Tag and Description

Like Blogging , SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also plays a key role in Youtube to get higher ranking in search results ….. Yes , you read it right

That’s why their is need to properly optimize title , tag and description of the video.

Always make sure your title is catchy, keyword rich and short in length (Only 5-8 words)

Also add most relevant tags related to the topic and if required write transcript  in the description box to boost views

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5. Use social media to promote videos

Social networking websites like Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram are the best platform to promote Youtube videos , they can even help in building a relationship with your audience.

Don’t ever hesitate to tell your fans or followers to share your content on their social profiles because these proven tactics helps you to get more Youtube subscribers

6. Create appealing video thumbnails

If you want to get more exposure , more views on Youtube video, then from now , just start creating a catchy custom thumbnail that attracts large audience and forces them to click the play button

But make sure it doesn’t mislead your viewers

To edit images like a pro, you can use some of the best photo editing tools like Photoshop ,Canva and Fotojet

Always make sure thumbnails comprises well sized text and beautiful color contrast

7. Create videos on both trending and evergreen topics

Do you know ?

One of the easiest ways to grow Youtube channel is to leverage both trending and evergreen video content

As expected trending topics gives initial boost and drives lot of views while evergreen content including “How-To” tutorials , “Explanation” videos are better for long run, so focus on both of them

If you face difficulty while finding trending topics then take helps of websites like Buzzsumo and Google Trends.

8. Collaborate with other Youtubers

Collaborations are a great way to get more views and active subscribers on Youtube .

So just reach out to any Youtuber who has views and niche like your’s and record an interesting Collab video with them, after that simply upload it and now wait and watch how this tactics helps you to increase subscribers

9. Organize Giveaways and Meetups

Organizing Giveaways and Meetups are the best way to grow Youtube subscribers , if done correctly.

Also don’t forget to promote giveaway in a right way and get in touch with your audience because it helps to increase loyal subscribers, provide exposure and enhance reputation

10. Reply to comments and interact with your audience

I know for big Youtubers it is pretty difficult to reply each and every comment but if you are newbie then just try to reply comment as much as you can because it helps to build authority and increase engagement

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