Fix Error “Authentication is required” in Google Playstore

Today in this post, we are going to share the best method that definitely helps you to fix Google play store error “Authentication is required , You need  to sign in to your Google account” .

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So, without further ado , Let’s get started

Here’s how to fix Google Playstore error “Authentication is required , You need to sign into your Google account

Step 1:

  • First of all , go to the “Settings” of your phone , scroll down the page and just tap on “Accounts


  • Next , just tap on “Google” and after that simply select the account on which you are facing problem ( In case you linked more than one Gmail id )


  • Now ,click on three vertical dots located at the top right corner and tap on “Remove account” two times.


Step 2:

  • Once, all the above steps is done, Go back just add  same Google account by clicking on “Add accounts” option and after that select “Google”


  • Now enter your Gmail id and password to login into the account
  • That’s it , now your Gmail account is added successfully

Step 3:

  • Now go back to “Settings” of your phone , scroll down and tap on “Apps or Application manager ” depending on your device
  • After that just swipe right few times and under “All” tab , simply scroll and find out the “Google Playstore” and tap on it
  • Next you need to “Clear Data” and “Clear cache” one by one
  • Once , it’s done next tap on “Uninstall Updates” button and click ” OK” in order to replace app to the factory version

Step 4:

  • Now, everything is setup ,Go back and open “Google playstore” and don’t forget to accept the terms and service
  • Next, just search any app and star downloading it without any error

That’s it for now, these steps surely helps you to fix error “Authentication is required, You need to sign in into your Google account

But in case you found any other way to solve this issue , then don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section below .

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