How To Use SEMrush Organic Research Tool To Rank #1 on Google

Have you ever thought Why your posts are not ranking on the first page of search engine? Why are you struggling in getting organic search traffic? Why did you fail to make money online via Blogging?

Well, the answer is simple and straightforward, generally, the poor SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) strategy leads to this situation

As we know very well, In this competitive Era, It is highly important to publish in-depth SEO optimized content on regular basis In order to attract more visitors and get high ranking on organic search results.

However, keyword Researching is the most important part of SEO and without targeting the right keyword it is pretty difficult to grab the top spot on the SERP (Search engine’s ranking position )

That ‘s why in this post we are going to cover a few topics such as:

  • How to discover and find low competition keywords with high search volume using SEMrush
  • How to spy on your competitor’s website using SEMrush organic research tool and find out their best-performing pages and get keyword ideas from the same
  • How to discover competitors and understand their strategy using SEMrush
  • How to improve online visibility by discovering new backlinks opportunities

Why There Is need to find Low competitive keywords with high search volume?

If you want to generate passive income via blogging then you need to do both smart work and hard work.

It is highly recommended to find Low competitive long tail keywords with high search volume because it is pretty easier to rank and also helps in increasing overall leads and sales.

However, just like many other unprofessional bloggers if you just start writing on random kinds of stuff without doing proper keyword research, then you failed to attract targeted audience

So the best solution is to take help of SEMrush keyword research tool which is quite effective and easy to use

In case you don’t have SEMrush account yet, then read below steps carefully to avail best discount

How To Get SEMrush 7-days Free Trial :

  • First of all click on this link to get SEMrush 7-days free trial
  • Next click on “Register“, create your account by filling Email-id and Password
  • Now simply enter your billing address and Credit card details, don’t worry you don’t need to pay a single penny, just check today’s charge it is $0.00 already


  • Next, tap on ” Place The Order ” button, that’s it, now you will get full access to SEMrush account for next 7 days

Note: If you love SEMrush and want to continue using their service then you need to pay price as per your selected plan, However, you can also cancel the subscription at any time by sending an email to them.

So are you ready?

Let’s get started

How to use SEMrush organic research tool to find profitable keywords?

SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tool I have ever used, It helps to do proper keyword researching in Just a single click.

If you don’t know, how this tool works then follow these simple steps to get more information about the same :

  • First of all, Just login your SEMrush account by entering credentials such as E-mail id and password
  • Now simply enter any keyword related to your blog topic and tap on the ” Search ” button
  • Next, you will see a detailed information related to the entered keyword including Organic Search Volume, CPC ( Cost per click), Trend graph etc


  • Not only that, SEMrush also suggest you a “Phrase matched keywords” and “Related keywords” with all accurate details, So you can also use these secondary keywords in your blog post to increase website traffic.

1. How To Get Ideas For keyword Research From The Competition:

  • To do this, Enter your competitor’s website URL and now sit back and relax, SEMrush will show you a list of all the keywords that are driving traffic to that website.
  • Here we take an example of a popular technology website “


  • So by following this strategy, you can simply steal the most relevant long tail keyword as per your blog niche and preference,

But wait….. The task is not over, now It’s time to check the keyword difficulty because it gives you a better idea of how difficult it would be to outrank competitor for that particular keyword.

Here’s how to do it…..

# Check keyword Difficulty :

  • Once you select the most relevant long tail keyword that has a high search volume, Next step is to check its keyword difficulty.
  • To do this, you can use SEMrush keyword difficulty tool
  • Simply enter your keyword in the text filed and it will show you a score in the percentage ranging from 1 to 100 ( Higher the percentage, the more difficult to outrank current competitors).

So, simply use these metrics to choose keywords wisely


Note: If you are a beginner then I recommend you to choose only those keywords whose difficulty is under 10, while if you’re experienced then you can select keywords as per your own potential and choice

# Create Long Form Content:

Did you know, Long form content ( more than 3,000 words ) gives you more online visibility ( social shares and links ) ….. Yes, it’s true

According to serpIQ study, an average length of the content in the Top 10 result of each query is usually over 2,000 words.

So it’s best to publish in-depth posts that contain engaging images, infographics, and most important useful information.

2. How To Use SEMrush To Identify Best Performing Pages :

According to Brian Dean from, He manages to increase his website traffic by 260% without publishing any new post

Do you wonder how?

The answer is simple, he follows a “Content Relaunch Strategy“.

So if you want to follow the same then the foremost important thing is to find your best-performing pages that drive good traffic to the website and after that republish the content by adding new information

It incredibly improves both traffic and rankings.

  • Go to SEMrush dashboard, from the left menu click on “ Domain Analytics” >> Organic Research >> and Enter your website URL
  • Next, you will see a “Domain overview” page where you will get detailed information about the Total number of ranked keywords, Top organic keywords and Estimated traffic graph
  • On the same page you will find “ Pages ” section on the top, Just click on it to know your website best-performing pages


  • Well, SEMrush even shows you a total number of keywords ranked in “Top 100 for a specific page”, “An estimated traffic percentage” and the Amount of organic search traffic that a specific page brings to your website

# Update Old Blog Posts To Increase Website Traffic :

So, now it’s time to update best performing posts on your website, simply Interlink new blog posts, Add more valuable information, Remove oversized image and include new engaging well-optimized images because all these practices encourage users to share the post on their social media profiles.

3. Using SEMrush for Competitors Analysis

Did you know by spying on your competitor’s strategy you can easily able to increase your website traffic ?……. Yes, it’s true

Blogging is not a child’s game, without knowing whom you are competing, it is very difficult to grab the top position on the SERP

Like any other business here you will also face tough competition.

So it’s better to analyze first and then takes action

# Find out Your Existing And New Organic Competitors:

Well, by using SEMrush you can easily find your potential competitors and after this, You just need to spy on their strategy, what they are doing and what not…..

By using these simple tactics you can easily increase your website traffic

So, if you don’t know how to discover competitors then follow the below steps

  • Just enter your website URL, on the same page you will find the “Competitors” section, Just tap on it to see your existing and new organic competitors


  • Here you will also see a “Competitive positioning map”u that figures out the strength and weakness of the competitive domain in SERP
  • To get a more detailed report click on the competitor website, Here you will see a detailed list of your competitors including “Top organic keywords” and “Top pages” that drive traffic to their websites,
  • Here you can also simply track “Top position changes” for specific keywords,

Most of the time information is pretty accurate because SEMrush continuously updates their keyword rank tracking database, So there is no need to worry about it

# Exact Monthly Searches

I bet most of you already use a free keyword research tool named ” Google  keyword planner“.

If you remember,  it only shows average monthly searches but not exact figures.

However SEMrush shows you an accurate search volume for a specific keyword, that’s great.

Here we share a screenshot that shows a difference between these two keyword researching tools


4. Improve Your Website Online Visibility By Finding More Backlinks Opportunities:

Backlinks are incredibly one of the most important off-page SEO factors, and thus if you want to beat the competitor then, it is good to create some high-quality backlinks

Before doing this it is also important to properly track competitors and know how they are getting backlinks from high domain authority websites whether other blogs organically link their websites posts or they built comment backlinks.

According to Neil Patel, by acquiring links from other popular blogs in the same niche, you definitely get higher search ranking

However, there are many tools available in the market, that did a job for you, but none of them is perfect

That’s why I suggest you to you SEMrush tool because here the data is more accurate and up-to-date

# How To Track Backlinks Of Competitor’s website :

  • First of all login your SEMrush account, From the left menu, click on “Domain Analytics” << “Backlinks
  • Now, simply enter the URL of your competitor’s website
  • After that, click on ” Backlinks ” section and sort the list by selecting (Dofollow) backlinks, because they are more beneficial ( Passes Link Juice)


  • Here you also see a “New and Lost backlinks” graph which shows you how many backlinks your website has acquired or lost over a specific interval of time

# Check Anchor Text

Anchor text is a clickable text in the hyperlink, If it consists of targeted keywords then that specific page definitely ranks much better in the search engine.

  • So, if you want to check anchor text of your competitor’s website, then  click on ” Anchors” sections, located at the same page and it will show you a detailed report of all the Anchor text, Total number of domains that include the given anchor text


# Use Backlink Gap Tool :

By using SEMrush Backlink Gap tool, You can easily identify the website that is linking to your competitor’s website but not you.

Here ‘s how to get started

  • First of all, open SEMrush, from the left menu select “Gap analysis“<< Backlink gap“, now enter the URL of five competing domains

Note: Don’t forget to enter your domain name in one of the input field

  • Next click on Green button, Here you can also select a domain that you want to analyze and get new opportunities for link building strategies


So, by following this simple link-building strategy anyone can easily improve their website online visibility


According to my personal opinion, SEMrush is one of the best keyword researching tool.

It not only helps in finding profitable keywords but also shows you some other important metrics like Backlinks profile, CPC distribution, Keywords Trend graphs, Position Tracker etc that is very handy for all bloggers.

Additionally, By using it you can easily spy on your competitor’s strategy.

I personally like “SEMrush keyword difficulty tool” and “Backlink Gap Tool” a lot

So if you don’t use it yet then go and give it a try and don’t forget to share your experience of using SEmrush with us in the comment section below

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