25+ Cute Couple Captions for Instagram and Facebook

Are you looking for a perfect couple captions for your Instagram or Facebook  photos , If ” Yes ” then you surely going to like this post a lot

Here in this post we curated a list of some best romantic couple captions , well these lines surely helps you to express all felling and emotions in words

However , as we know very well , including a perfect captions while uploading pictures on social media platforms like facebook , Instagram etc  is a key to  engage your followers to take actions

So without further ado , take a look at these 25 + best couple captions

Let’s get started

Perfect Couple Captions For Instagram 



  • To love someone is to see a miracle invisible to others
  • The good things in life are better with you
  • Everyone has an addiction mine happens to be you
  • One smile can change the world , but your smile changes mine
  • You don’t cross my mind , You live in it
  • I don’t want any person like you , I want you
  • He’ s not perfect but he’s all I want
  • Nothing compares to the excitement of exploring every corners of the world with the person you love the most by your side
  • You are the air that makes the balloon of my heart floats
  • Facebook keeps asking me , what’s my mind and it’s always you
  • Everyone has their weakness , but I have to everything you say and everything you do
  • You’ re my favourite reason to lose sleep
  • 7 billion smiles and your’s is my favourite

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Cute Couple captions for Instagram and Facebook



  • I don’t want to be your favourite or best ,  I want to be your only and forget the rest
  • I don’t have try to be happy , when I ‘m with you , It just happens
  • It doesn’t matter whether the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect , so long as they are perfect for each other
  • I am just addicted to you
  • Loving you is like breathing ….. How can I stop
  • Without you i’m nothing , with you I ‘m something , together we are everything
  • We go together like copy and paste
  • With you , It’s different
  • All that you are is all that I ever need
  • You are my favourite place to go to when my mind searches for peace
  • You don’t even have the slightest idea , How much I like you
  • I just can’t get enough of us
  • You are perfect to me

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