8 Best BodyBuilding Apps For Android (2018)

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Best BodyBuilding Apps For Android (2018)  : 

Getting an ideal shape of your body and keep the same for months is not an easy task.

We all know that losing weight is an arduous task and we do apply some unconventional ways to keep our body fit.

But sometimes, it has also been seen, application of wrong methods may cause serious injury in your beginning.

Nowadays, everyone owns a mobile phone and keep it together almost every moment until its bedtime.

Fitness apps will be helpful drastically for fitness freaks those will track your steps, help in a new workout and also compare the progress of your jogging time with others.

Here are the ” Top 8 Bodybuilding apps for Android “ that will be drastically helpful for your body even if you have not joined any gym –

1. Total Fitness

Total Fitness app is a Gym & Workout app where Gym & Home Exercises are easily available.

In this app, you can take the workout challenges, booking exercises classes and more is available in few taps.

This app hosts your exercise videos on YouTube by which taping on any video you’ll watch those videos on YouTube directly.

Total Fitness is one of the best work-out and bodybuilding app for the fitness lovers.

In the menu of Total Fitness app, you also get an option of ‘Exercise Guide,’ by you can take relevant information and directions regarding your fitness.

It is a vital app for the walking, push-ups, and pull-ups as well.

This app has been put in the Health & Fitness category in the Android Play. 

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total fitness - best workout apps

2. 7 Minutes Workout – 

7 Minutes workout is one of the best exercise apps for the fitness freaks.

This app is helpful for all age members those have not much time for a workout, they can take this 7-minute challenge.

Seven Minutes app has the great benefits like get fit, get strong, and lose weight and it is the best medium to personalize these things.

Also, Seven Minutes app shows the day-by-day progress of your workouts or exercises.

With the help of this app, you can also customize the workout as per your need.

In Seven Minutes App, the exercises differ every time you do them.

It has recently included a new feature as ‘stretching routines.’

Seven Minutes app has the rating of more than 4.5 after the feedbacks of more than 400k users that shows how users love this app. 

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7 minutes workout- best bodybuilding apps

3. FitNotes :

FitNotes is Android fitness app by which you can directly control and monitor your fitness activities.

It is one of the best Health & Fitness apps for the bodybuilding lovers as well.

FitNotes by  James Gay is a free app that includes the exercise database by which you can categorize your workouts as per your needs.

This app contains no frills exercise for your fitness and it has no distractions like certain other apps.

With FitNotes app, you can track your daily workout that will also assist you drastically in your DIY fitness.

Users also have been given the rating of this app more than 4.5 and most of the users say that it is quite impressive and each new update makes it better and better.

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fitnotes-best bodybuilding apps for android

4. Home Workout :

Home Workout is one of the simpler workout apps available for Android users.

It includes some great features like warm-up exercises and workout routines

A chart of your daily workouts, videos for your accurate exercise learning, and social media sharing features. 

Besides, Home Workout app also includes the features like losing weight with a personal trainer, stretching routine feature, and multiple exercises like the push-up, crunch, wall sit, & jumping jacks. 

This app works greatly like your fitness coach. 

Home-workout is one of the best bodybuilding training apps that can effectively tone your muscles and help you to get six pack abs at home after taking a few minutes of training in a day.

The great rating of this app is enough to explain its popularity.

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home workout-best workout apps

5. JEFIT – Best  Bodybuilding App : 

JEFIT is the best app for the multiple exercise lovers which has more than 1,000 exercises to choose from. 

This app contains the entire database available for its users for free. 

JEFIT app has some great features like Mini-Social Network, planned routines of daily workouts, Training Programs, Add Friends and Intuitive Tools that makes it out significant for the fitness freaks.

The best part of this app is that it can be accessed from the web and desktop as well.

Interval Timer, Notes Setting, Custom Exercises Creation, Weekly Summary of Your Workout are some other unique features of JEFIT those will definitely be loved by the Bodybuilding Trainees.

This app also contains some additional features that come with its subscription plans which will be unlocked with the pro versions starts from $4.99. 

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jefit- best workout apps for android

6. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is also one another great & popular fitness ,  workout and bodybuilding app.

This Android wear support app has some unique features that make it more handy for the health lovers.

It includes the GPS Tracking of the running, walking, jogging routes, set goals, see progress, follow a plan and live tracking. 

This is also a very beneficial Bodybuilding App where you can track your daily workout progress.

Runkeeper app has the live tracking feature by which you can share your daily workout with your family and friends during the workout sessions.

Besides, it also provides you the weekly workout schedule tailored.  With this app, you can also discover, build and save new routes with the help of GPS.

 Runkeeper – GPS Track and Run Walk fitness app is integrated with some music apps by which, you can listen the music during the workout sessions.

If you want to avail the feature, you will have to take its subscription plan. 

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runkeeper- best workout apps for android

7. Google Fit

Google Fit is a fitness activity tracker app and guide which is developed by Google itself.

This app is available for free for Android users.

Google Fit app is featured with some great tools like Monitor Your Goals, Get Coaching, Track Your Workouts From Your Phone or Watch, and Step-Counts.

This app provides you the stats and multiple tracking options by which you can get your best workout benefits. 

Google Fit app will be helpful drastically for the daily workout persons and beginners that covers the basic features of your best workout methods as well.

This app shows the instant insights of your daily exercise, runs, walks and bike rides in real-time stats form. 

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googlefit - best bodybuilding apps for android

8. Gain Guy

Gain Guy is a great Workout and Bodybuilding app that can also track the meals of the bodybuilders as well.

Though dieting is a vital component of for any bodybuilder as they lift weights so this app will drastically be helpful for those who want to bulk up. 

Gain Guy app is featured with the ‘meal schedules’ which is great for beginners.

The food data is backed by the UCCS as well as USDA. Besides, this app has the ‘meal reminder’ feature that distinguishes you from others in the eating routines. 

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gainguy - best bodybuilding apps for android

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Conclusion :

All the above mentioned android apps helps you to be fit and healthy.

So try them and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below 

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