How to Fix Windows Shell Experience Host Supended Error

Last updated on March 16th, 2019 at 12:03 pm

Windows Shell Experience Host is a windows process that provides us the functionality for operating the various task in a windows interface.

Windows Shell Experience Host or shellexperiencehost.exe is  a legitimate process found in the Task Manager that uses CPU resources most of the time

Windows Shell Experience Host was started by windows 10 and is built on the .NET Framework.

It is drastically helpful for the IT professionals as well as the power users

Sometimes the ShellExperienceHost.exe consumes a lot of memory or CPU during its operation.

If your system is running on Windows 10, you can find out all the details  by clicking shortcut key Ctrl-Shift-Esc ,  which will open the Task Manager.

In Task Manager, click on ” More Detail ” section which is given on the bottom.

Here you can find out the Window Shell Experience Host given in the listing.

Besides, you can find it directly by typing its name on the search bar.

Though , Windows runs on more than hundreds of backgrounds processes that doesn’t consume so much RAM memory usually.

Besides, sometimes it consumes a lot of power for processing to start its services.

Though, it controls multiple graphical elements with the desktop behavior background methods.

That’s why , the complete efficiency of the Windows Shell Experience Host is vague while it is connected to the background of the Windows 10 system.

Windows 10 has also been reported for some issues of the Shell Experience Host

The ShellExperienceHost.exe is an element of the software in Windows 10.

It runs the program that allows the entire range of apps integrating with the Windows Shell.

This phenomenon is not said to be a serious issue.

It is a vital component for the Windows Operating System and when it is eliminated or changed, may be harmful resulting the serious issues for various key functions of the OS.

Some errors occurs when  Windows Shell Experience Host has stopped working or suspended .

For resolving these issues, you might need for creating the new profile because it has been corrupted or  re-register start menu using powershell.

Though the extension ‘.exe’ is a representation of an executable file while it can be harmful to your computer in some cases when Trojan exist in your Windows system.

So here is become mandatory to remove the Trojan to abstain from serious issues.

Here, we’re going to discuss the various tricks that can be implemented to remove issue Windows Shell Experience Host suspended error

Methods To Fix Windows Shell Experience Host Suspended Error 

1. Disable the Background Slideshow of the System

Resolving this issue, you need to disable automatic color changing of desktop background on your PC.

The best solution is the use of static wallpaper.

Performing this task, you need to go on the ” Setting ”  < ” Personalization ” section of your system and choose it from the menu on the left pane.

Dropdown menu and select your static desired picture.

Save this setting and issues with Windows Shell Experience will be resolved now

disable the background slideshow to fix windows experience host . exe suspended problem

2. Check for Updates of Your Operating System

If you’re facing any such issue, it may be due to the old system occurrence.

Updating the operating system might be helpful for you in fixing the various bugs or glitches facing by your computer.

Functioning this properly,  you need to update windows regularly ,

Though Windows 10 installs updates automatically but if not yet updated you can also check it from the Setting reaching on ” Update and Security ” section



3. Check the Malware in Your PC

Windows Shell Experience Host is not fully secure and it has a great threat of Trojan attack all the time if you’re using an old Windows version.

So from abstaining it,  you need to update your system and then you will detect the Malware.

It will be great if you’ll update your system time-to-time.

You can also use the built-in Windows Defender to resolve this issue or use any excellent licensed antivirus .


Choose the advanced scan or full scan option from the windows defender section of Security menu.


4. New User Profile Building

If you’re facing any such error, you need to make a new user profile because it has a much possibility of your previous file has been corrupted.

You can ask for the administration to solve this issue as well that will help you in making a new profile.

Here you feel no variation as well as fix the problem.

Before starting the process, you need to re-boot your computer.

  • Open the setting app in your system by pressing the Windows bar + I and  navigate to the ” Accounts ” section.
  • You need to click on ” Family and Other people ” option in the Left Pane and also select the Add Someone Else To This PC in the Right Pane.


  • Hence, you get the sign-in proper guide for your convenience.
  • Select, ” I don’t have this person sign-in information ” option.
  • Now Select, ” Add a user without a Microsoft account ” option.




Enter the desired user-name and choose a password that you can easily remember.



After performing all these tasks, you need to access this new profile available for you now.

You also get an option of transferring your old files from old profile to new profile easily

5. Re- Register Start Menu using Powershell :

  • First of all , press ” Windows + S ” key to open ” Search ” bar
  • Now type ” Powershell
  • Next copy and paste the command given beow into powershell and hit ” enter “

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Once , done close the powershell window

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Conclusion :

Try all the above given fixes one by one and it will surely helps you to fix windows shell experience host suspended error

Well , if you know any other method to fix the issue then don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below

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