How To Forward Whatsapp Messages To More Than 5 Chats or Contacts

Last updated on March 16th, 2019 at 12:04 pm

” Facebook ” owned messaging app ” Whatsapp ” starts limit forwarding in India , that means now Whatsapp users can no longer forward messages to more than 5 chats

According to me it’s a very good decision .

It surely helps to stop spreading fake news , misleading information etc

But it is also true sometimes users wants to forward notifications or any other important message to more than 5 contacts at once on whatsapp .

That’s why here in this post we are going to share a trick by following which you can forward message to more than 5 contacts on whatsapp  .

So what are you wating for , simply scroll down and start reading this post


Here’ s how you can forward message to more than 5 contacts in whatsapp 

In order to do this , You can use ” Broadcast ” list feature which is already available on Whatsapp .

I know many Whatsapp users are confused in between two different options ” Broadcast ” and ” Groups ” , most of them think both are similar but it’s not true.

Read this post to know full differences between whatsapp broadcast and whatsapp groups

Before going deep into this post , Here we first try to explain everything in brief

Why their is need to create Whatsapp Broadacast list to forward messages to more than 5 chats at once  ?

Whatsapp broadcast is one to many type of communication , by using this feature you can send message to everyone on the list personally ,

Suppose any member replies to the message then it only go back to Broadcasters inbox

So , that’s why you need to create broadcast list in order to forward messages to more than 5 contacts or chats

If you don’t know how to do this then , read this post till the end , without further ado , Let’s get started

Steps to follow :

  • First of all , Open Whatsapp app ,click on three vertical dots located at the top -right corner


  • Now Tap on ” New Broadcast ” option
  • Select all the contacts whom you want add in the broadcast list ( as of now you can select upto 256 people  )


  • Once , it’s done simply tap on Green ” Check mark ” button , that’s it now your whatsapp broadcast lists is successfully created
  • Next simply send whatsapp broadcast messages and it will be delivered to all the receipents as an individual chat message
  • So , by following these easy steps you can send messages to more then 5 contacts at once using whatsapp

Note : This post is for educational purpose only ,  we are totally against spreading fake news or misleading information using Whatsapp 

Conclusion :

Well , this Whatsapp trick to forward messages to more than 5 contacts at once is surely very helpful and serve its purpose well ,

However  , if you face any problem or have any suggestions regarding this post then don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below

We tried our best to solve your query as soon as possible

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