How To Stream Android Games to Youtube , facebook and Twitch

Last updated on March 16th, 2019 at 12:04 pm

Did you know , these days many professional or casual gamers earn thousand of dollars just by live streaming gameplay on Youtube , Facebook and Twitch …..

Yes it’s true  and their is nothing wrong with it

so , if you are an enthusiast or passionate gamer who wants to show his gaming skills in front of large audience

As well as looking to earn descent amount of money by doing the same ,

Then this post is very useful for you

Here we are going to share a guide ” how to stream android games to Youtube , facebook and Twitch ”

So what are you waiting for without further ado , let’s get started

How to stream Android games to Youtube 

Before we jump into the specific tutorial , I want to clear out few things

First of all in order to earn money through streaming live gaming sessions on Youtube you need to enable monteiztion on your Youtube channel ,

And to do this , it is necessary to complete minimum 4,000 hours of watch time ( in 12 months) and hit atleast 1000 subscribers mark

Guide to stream android games using Youtube gaming application 

  • However , it is very easy to start streaming gameplay on Youtube , you just need to download and install ” Youtube Gaming ” app from Playstore
  • Once , it’s done simply open the app , and click on ” Broadcast ” icon located at the top , tap on ” Next

how to stream android games to youtube

  • Next you need to select  ” Stream ” option , However it also allows you to record gameplay , don’t forget to choose video quality either ( 720 p or 480 p )

 select android game streaming video quality

  • On next screen , Youtube Gaming app warns you that once you started public streaming anything on your screen including notifications , calls and passwords will be live streamed
  • so simply go to ” Settings ” menu on your phone and disable all the  notifications , popups etc

how stream android game to youtube

  • Next select app , enter title and descriptions , so viewers can find your public stream

how to stream android game to youtube

Note : Enabling a youtube gaming live sream for the first time may take upto 24 hours , so just wait

  • That’s it , now click on ready button to start live streaming .

How To stream Android Games to facebook and Twitch 

By using Mobcrush app on your android device , you can easily live stream any game on some of the most popular platforms like twitch , youtube and facebook .

If you don’t know how to do this , then read all the below given steps

  • First of all , download and install ” Mobcrush ” app from playstore
  • Next open the app and sign in either by Facebook , Google or Mobcrush  and create ” New Profile ”  , I recommend you to sign in using your Google account as it quite simple


  • On next screen it will ask you to ” Enable Broadcasting ” by giving permission to allow the app to access camera and microphone
  • Here , at the bottom of the main page , you will see an option ” Go Live ” , just click on it

how to stream android game on twitch and facebook

Link Your Account :

  • Once it’s done , next you need to select a platform on which you want to stream your game play ( You can either select facebook , Youtube , Mobcrush and  Twitch   )

how to start streaming game on youtube facebook and twitch using mobcrush application

  • In my case I want to stream Gameplay on Facebook , so I  simply tap on on Facebook icon and link my account

Note : Don’t forget to  select ” Only Me ” option , If you don’t want people to be able to watch your live stream on facebook 

  • Next simply fill the required fields ” what are you playing ” and ” Name your broadcast 
  • After that , choose ” Bitrate ” as per your choice ( Auto , low , medium , high ) and tap on ” start broadcast ” button

Note :  Makesure your phone is not set to silent ,  In case you want to record audio 

  • Finally , open up your game and it start streaming on your slected platform like Twitch , Youtube and facebook
  • Here , you can also get an option to enable / disable microphone and front camera , and In order to end live streaming , tap on ” Play / Pause screen recording ” icon , that’s it

In case you have any question or qy=uery regrding the same , then dont foget to let us know in the comment section below , we tried our best o solve your query as soon as possible

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