How To Speed Up Website And Increase Revenue Using AMP

Is your WordPress website slow? Well, if your answer is ” Yes “, then you definitely need to fix it as soon as possible, because it is a serious issue and quickly turns into a nightmare 

In this competitive Era, where every blogger wants to rank their articles on top of SERP’s ( Search Engine Ranking Position)

Your website loading speed matters a lot, Even every millisecond counts.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider your web page loading speed as one of the major factor to decide page rank 

Acoording to studies in 2018, Overall 52.2 percentage of all website traffic are generated through mobile phones 

Due to this, Now Google also starts giving importace to Mobile-First Indexing that simply means the mobile version of your website starts indexing and ranking first 

Thus, you need to speedup your webpages.

Accordng to observations and experiments, slower page response time results in increase-bounce rate.

That means people spend less time on your website and it wll definitely harm search rankings

However, fast loading websites has much improved user experience and more pageviews in comparison to that websites that takes several minutes to load 

Well, there’s no need to worry, here’s a simple solution for this problem

You just need to setup Google Amp on your wordpress website, here’s how 

Consider using AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )


The accelerated mobile pages is an open-source initiative developed by Google , where the main aim is to load web-pages much faster on mobile devices.

AMP just creates a separate version of each page on your website.

No, It won’t cause any duplicate content issues, so there’s no need to worry 

Amp only uses limited set of HTML , CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) and Javascript ,that helps to load webpages on mobile instantenously 

Benefits of AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )

  • Mobile friendly web-pages with much improved user-experience 
  • It decreases website loading time 
  • Helps to improve mobile ranking 
  • Lower bounce rate 
  • Increased pageviews 
  • More revenue ( Yes, it’s true )

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How To Setup Google AMP On WordPress Website ?

Well, It’s quite simple and easy to setup AMP on wordpress website

Thanks to Ahmed Kalaudi and his team for developing an easy to use ” AMP for WP ” wordpress plugin,

 Here’s how it works…..

  • First of all, Just login to you wordpress dashboard, Next download and activate “AMP for WP” plugin 
  • Now, Go to ” AMP for WP ” Settings Panel , choose theme according to your choice and preference


Note :

The best thing about this plugin is that it gives you a much more customization options.  

Users can select color scheme, sticky social icons , Custom CSS options, and a much useful AMP page builder 

Here you can also get support for Facebook Instant article, Google analytics, All In One SEO, Facebook Pixel, Stat Counter, Yoast SEO and many more.

  • This plugin also allows you to enable AMP support for posts , pages and Homepage 
  • Once you complete setup , Finally click on “Save Changes” button 
  • Now visit any post of your website by adding /amp/ at the end of the url like this :
  • And check, whether all things work correctly or not, That’s it

For more information, Checkout this video 

How To Monetize AMP Web Pages

Website monetization is one of the important aspect to increase revenue.

Any blogger or website owner can simply insert advertisement in normal web pages but things are not same for AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )

But by using “AMP for WP” plugin , ads can be inserted on the most visible spot 

The plugin packed with 6 pre-defined ad-slots that supports Google Adsense .


How To Insert Ads Within Your Post Content In AMP

Well, with the help of Advanced AMP Ads plugin, website owners or bloggers can easily insert advertisement from any ad network between the post content 

It is very easy to use add-on and you can purchase it by paying only $29.99 for single website.


Some Important Features

  • Support 90 ad networks including Google Adsense,, Open X ,Taboola, Revcontent etc
  • Continue Updates and support
  • It allows you to add advertisement between the content 
  • Supports link ad unit from Adsense and Sticky ads Bar
  • Custom ad options, that enables any ad network support 

So, In this way you can simply boost up your website speed and performance without compromising with revenue

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